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How to turn laptop into wifi hotspot windows 8.1 software

Laptop as router

There are many situations in which we have to turn our computer into a Wi-Fi router so that we can access internet in our other devices with same connection.

If you also want to do this then check out the list of five free software that can turn your laptop into a great network router.

Free WiFi Hotspot (Windows)

Free WiFi Hotspot is a lightweight, simple and free program. With it you can configure and share your internet via Wi-Fi. To do this, simply have your computer have a Wi-Fi card and be connected to the local network of your each or work.

Free wifi

Baidu PC Faster (Windows)

Baidu PC Faster is a free software and, besides functioning as an antivirus, it has the Wi-Fi Hotspot function. Through it you can share your Internet connection with others also.

Virtual Router Manager (Windows)

With Virtual Router Manager your computer will share your Internet signal with an unlimited number of devices. The program is simple and, although free, does not advertise.

virtual router manager

Connectify (Windows)

Connectify is a Windows program that just like the others allows you to share your Internet connection. It has free version and two paid, which offer advanced features.

Virtual WiFi Router

Virtual WiFi Router is a lightweight program that can turn your computer with few adjustments into a router for free. Ideal for practicality.
virtual router manager

Now evaluate all the software mentioned in our list and enjoy your Wi-Fi. Please tell your personal experience with these software to our other readers also.

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