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speed up an iPhone

How to speed up an iPhone

It may happen that even our faithful and reliable iPhone can give signs of failure. An update containing bugs can slow down our device. Also, if it is a somewhat old-fashioned device, it may happen that due to an update of iOS it may suffer some side effect. Obviously nobody likes to use

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Restore iPhone without iTunes

Our iPhone does not behave like it was a long time ago and we would like to bring it back to the golden age? Many times, performing a restore can give life to our somewhat old-fashioned iPhone, which is now blaming the weather. The traditional procedure of recovery is done with iTunes, the software for

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How to reset iPhone from itunes

Sometimes we encounter the problems with our smartphone that we can not solve. If you own an Apple product, formatting the iPhone may be the right solution. Returning the device to the factory conditions, in fact, we cancel any possible changes that may have caused malfunctions. In this guide, we will see how to reset the iPhone and

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