YouTube | All quick commands!

How many quick commands do you know for YouTube? How many of you use the space key to pause? Even I used it … and if I told you it was the wrong button?

Let’s find out all the quick commands and if you know others leave a comment at the end of the article!

List of YouTube commands

Let’s see then what are all the commands that YouTube makes available to us:

  • K KEY To put the video in play or pause. Many use the space key, but it does not always work and is not the correct command.
  • KEY F | It puts the player in full screen.
  • RIGHT ARROW OR LEFT ARROW | Bring the video forward or backward.
  • ARROW DOWN OR UP | Increase or decrease the volume.
  • HOME KEY ( ONLY ON MAC Bring the video to the beginning.
  • L and J KEY | Bring the video forward or backward 10 seconds, is equivalent to the double tap you do on smartphones.
  • KEY M | Put the video silent.
  • KEYS FROM 0 TO 9 | Bring the video to the indicated percentage. Example 2 stands for 20% of the video and so on.

Some useful YouTube Tricks

  • Did you know that you can use YouTube in full screen as if it were a TV? Just click on and it will open!

Youtube TV

  • Do you know that there is TestTubeIt’s a YouTube section where you’ll find all the latest features that can be activated! Click here to access it.

Youtube TestTube

And you know others?