Do you like video editing or you want to edit a video on Youtube?

10 best video editing software for Windows

But you do not want to pay. Don’t worry here I am going to tell you top 10 free video editing software.

Windows Movie Maker   –  Perhaps the most famous video editing program for Windows. In the latest version, it has been redesigned and offers some more audio editing tools. It is intuitive and always very functional suitable for less experienced users.

OpenShot Video Editor – Excellent open source program to edit videos for free. Supports many video formats, including HD. It is a very clear and simple software to configure and use. It offers a large number of transitions effects to beautify videos.

Avidemux – One of the most famous and popular free video editing programs. It supports all major video file formats (including AVI / DivX and MP4) and allows you to edit, cut and mount them with ease.

Virtualdub  – Is an open source program available for Windows 10. The interface is very intuitive and allows you to perform simple operations such as adding and deleting files, cutting the sidebars, rearrange and rotate parts of the video.

It is a comprehensive program that is also capable of converting videos, in addition to editing them. In general, these are the functions that may prompt the user to use VirtualDub.

ZS4 Video Editor  – Another excellent free video editing and compositing software that gives you the ability to combine photos, videos and audio files into one or more output files.

Kate’s Video Toolkit  – The strength of this program is the ease of use that allows you to cut and merge video, create special sequences and insert soundtracks in a few clicks. The flaw in this program is you can not work in full screen.

Lives  – Designed for simple to use, very powerful, small in size but has advanced features. It is often used by professionals for its versatility. It has very flexible tools for use.

Vivia  – Very interesting for those beginners because of ease of access, and equipped with a series of editing tools that make it suitable for advanced users too.

Lightworks – Professional open source software available in a free version and a paid version that offers extensive codec support. It requires free registration that allows to access forum for sharing and discussing their projects.

Youtube Movie Maker  – Create and manage videos for YouTube.