With more and more news of high profile security breaches and hacking, privacy and security have become very important topics for many Android users.

The concerns are not just about e-mails; all your data is at risk including photos, text messages, files and browser history. So it has become increasingly important that you never keep your data safe from potential hackers and prying eyes.

In fact, just like any PC, Android devices are subject to the same risks: they can be infected by viruses, malware, spyware, which can nest in the background of apps that slow down the system and drain the battery, we can be intercepted during navigation, read our chats or listen to phone calls, and then, being pocketable, our smartphones could be stolen easily.

To solve all these problems, here is a useful security package with the best App Android against virusthieves and to keep you safe and secret the calls, the SMS and Internet browsing.

Android Security Package (The app against viruses, thieves and spies)

Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Enables you to encrypt Internet traffic through the Tor network and bypass the blocks/complaints that may be present in corporate networks, schools or countries. If the device has root permissions it is possible to exploit the Orbot proxy with any application on the device.

Orfox: Tor Browser for Android

Quest App browser allows you to browse on any site in perfect anonymity and to access those censored or hidden as the Deep Web (Darknet). The browser avoids data tracking, manages to bypass firewalls and network restrictions, does not store history and leaves no trace.

DuckDuckGo Search & Stories

The various search engines track activities by collecting information about us that may endanger our privacy. With DuckDuckGo this does not happen (we have the security that our data are not shared) and the results are not filtered. In the latest version, support for images and videos has also been introduced, which can be viewed directly in the app.

Free Hola VPN

With this app you can use a VPN connection and surf in complete anonymity on the Internet by hiding your IP. This not only allows you to protect your privacy, but also offers you the ability to unlock applications and websites that otherwise would not be available in your country. It is easy to use and is also equipped with an integrated browser.

Signal Private Messenger

Messaging app that uses the end-to-end encryption protocol of the conversations created by Open Whisper Systems (the same as that adopted by WhatsApp), so to secure that it has put the various governments in crisis by blocking the interceptions.

RedPhone :: Private Calls

Allows you to make encrypted voice calls using your smartphone’s data connection (Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G), in total security that no one can intercept the conversation. There is no version for iOS because the authors (Open Whisper Systems) have integrated the voice calls encrypted in Signal; on Android, however, calls and chats are separated into two separate apps.


Allows you to exchange messages and send geo-referenced photos: only the recipient, who in turn has the app installed on the device, can view the message by scrolling the map and going to the exact coordinates. You can also post public messages that will be available at the place chosen by the sender.

Hide Pictures – Hide it Pro

Thanks to this app you can hide photos, videos, applications, messages and calls. No one will notice its presence because it is disguised as an audio manager, complete with perfectly functioning volume controls. In this way, if the phone should end up in the hands of some curious, it will certainly not notice our hidden safe.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

It is among the most complete applications to protect our privacy on Android. It does not only hide photos and videos, but also text messages, contacts and Facebook messages. You can create fictitious files, hide the application icon and make a backup of the files on the doud (if someone tries to access it, it takes a covert picture with the front camera).

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

It is able to detect the presence of PUP applications (Potentially Unwanted Programs), block unauthorized access to personal data, detect the presence of links to malicious sites in SMS and warns us of any vulnerabilities in the device in order to remedy.

360 Security – Antivirus FREE

This app offers 360° protection. In addition to detecting any viruses, it is also able to increase the performance of the mobile phone by blocking background applications, eliminating unnecessary files and freeing memory space. It also manages to increase battery life thanks to the integrated energy manager.

Calls Blacklist

Fed up with receiving unwanted calls and SMS? This is the app you need! It allows you to easily create a blacklist with the numbers to be blocked. In addition, you can set a block for unknown numbers, private ones or configure a selective block for those that start with a given prefix.

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

It allows to hide phonebook numbers, messages and call logs. Excellent to protect privacy in case other people can access our phone. All you have to do is create a private and invisible space in which contacts, text messages and phone calls will be saved, keeping this data away from prying eyes.

Cerberus anti-theft

Install an anti-theft device on your Android phone! So, if they steal it from you, you can locate it on the map to retrieve it, remotely lock it, erase the data in memory, record the audio or capture a photo of the thief. You can try it for free for a week and, if you are satisfied, buy a lifetime license for 4.99 euros.

Prey Anti Theft

Unlike other anti-theft applications, you can also use it completely free without having to subscribe to paid subscriptions. In the free version you can control up to 3 devices, go back to their position on the map and receive a maximum of 10 reports, but you do not have the ability to delete data remotely.

Anti Theft Alarm

Sometimes it happens to leave the phone unattended, in a public place, to recharge the battery. A small distraction is enough and someone, with a quick hand, could take it away. With this app, however, we will no longer have to worry: if someone touches it or disconnects it from the power supply, it emits a very strong acoustic alarm, thus calling our attention.


Even if the messages self-destruct (it is possible through some apps) it is not always enough to keep them secret. The recipient may capture a screen and share the same. But with this app everything becomes impossible. In addition to sending animated messages that are deleted automatically, it makes sure to display them one word at a time, thus preventing the receiver from capturing a screenshot.


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