Do you want to download videos from Facebook directly to your iPhone? Not sure how to save Facebook videos on iPhone? Here are 2 working ways to download videos from Facebook

Download videos and movies from Facebook to iPhone: how to do it

Today I want to answer one of the questions I read more often on Google, blogs and industry forums: how to download videos from Facebook directly to iPhone? 

If you too, browsing on Facebook, you came across a video or an interesting movie and you want to download or save it, so you can look at where and when you want even without internet connection, today I’ll explain how to do it.

I will even propose you 2 methods that will allow you to download videos from Facebook to iPhone quickly and immediately.

We do not lose time unnecessarily, let’s go straight to the point and start with the best guide for downloading videos from Facebook to iPhone for free. 

Save a video from Facebook iPhone – Method 1

The first method that I recommend to download videos from Facebook on iPhone is to resort to third-party sites, specialized in downloading videos from Facebook. 

Just go to a site such as FBDownload to download the video in a few steps. Too bad, however, because of the limitations of iOS, you can not use Safari as an internet browser in this case.

You will therefore need to follow these directions:

Step 1: download the DManager internet browser from the App Store (click HERE )

Step 2: find the video you want to download or save from Facebook directly on iPhone. At this point, click on the Video Sharing button and select the Copy Link item

Step 3: open DManager and go to the website

Step 4: When the site loads, paste the video link in the search bar, then press the Download button

Step 5: when the download is ready, a table appears that allows you to choose the quality of the video to download. Choose the format, size and resolution you prefer, then hold the button Download correspondent, then press again on Download

Step 6: the app will start downloading the video. You will see progress on the download tab. When the video has been downloaded completely, select the item Action > Open In. From here, select the Save Video item to save the video from Facebook in the iPhone Gallery.

Fact: simple and fast!

Save a video from Facebook iPhone – Method 2

As an alternative to the method just listed, we can install the Facebook ++ app, which is essentially an alternative to the official Facebook client, but with many additional features, including video downloads. 

Note: if you want to install Facebook ++ on your iPhone, you must first uninstall the official Facebook app, otherwise you will not be able to complete the installation. 

That said, let’s see how to download, install and use Facebook ++ to download and save videos from Facebook. 

Step 1: download the IPA of Facebook ++ from HERE. Also download Cydia Impactor for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Cydia Impactor will help you to install Facebook ++ on your iPhone

Step 2: Connect iPhone to computer with cable, then open Cydia Impactor

Step 3: Then drag the IPA file of Facebook ++ on Cydia Impactor

Step 4: Enter Apple ID name and password when prompted. They are necessary to generate an essential certificate to install IPA files on iPhone

Step 5: Cydia Impactor will start to install Facebook ++ on iPhone. When the installation is complete, DO NOT open Facebook ++. Go to Settings> General> Profiles

Step 6: from here, open the profile corresponding to your Apple ID and click on Authorize

Step 7: Now you can open Facebook ++. Search for the video you want to download and you will find, by magic, a Save button next to it. Click on the button to start downloading the video from Facebook and to save it in the iPhone Gallery.

This process is slightly more uncomfortable at first, but then it is certainly the most comfortable to use in everyday life, also because Facebook ++ really offers many additional useful functions!

Download videos from Facebook online to iPhone – Conclusions

We have concluded with our guide to download and save videos from Facebook on iPhone. 

Choose the one you prefer to download all the videos on the social network and have them always available in case of need directly on your iPhone.

Video from Facebook to WhatsApp iPhone

Thanks to our instructions, you can also download a video from Facebook and send it on WhatsApp with iPhone. In this way, however, you will not have to use the “classic” sharing offered by Facebook, but you can upload the video on WhatsApp from scratch, directly from the Gallery of your iPhone. 

App to download videos from Facebook iPhone

The ones mentioned in this article are currently the best apps to save and download videos from Facebook on iPhone.

If you know others, all you have to do is point them out in the comments. We will try and update the article based on your suggestions.

How to save video from fb on mobile phone

Following our guide you will surely succeed in reaching your goal. A few simple clicks to download and save all the videos you want from Facebook!

Download private videos from Facebook

The guide only works with public videos of Facebook. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no working method to download private videos from Facebook. In case of news we will update the guide, but for now there are no alternatives: private videos can not be downloaded from Facebook.