Hello guys! Today we are on a trek to know something really important? And it’s all about videos and the procedure for their deletion. Does it seem quite obvious or simple? Even if it does, it’s not so easy as it sounds to be for many new Smartphone users out there.

Videos are a very essential media format, which can not only be utilized for entertainment purposes, but can also be implemented for many miscellaneous purposes. For instance, if you have the video footage which can create a chaos in your circle it needs to be deleted immediately off your device to prevent any further issue. But if you don’t know how to delete it, it might give way to serious troubles further. Few more reasons are elaborated below for a better idea.

Why Do You Need To Delete Videos?

  • To free up space in your internal or SD storage off your Smartphone device.
  • To prevent data exploitation while lending or selling the device out to someone else.
  • To erase videos as a way of erasing proof against certain vulnerabilities.
  • In order to create space for the allocation of new videos.

Now this article would guide you on how to delete videos off your Android devices without the need of any technical expertise. Continue reading to know the procedures details out below.

#1: Delete Videos using “My Files” Settings

This procedure is a bit different than the common method in which one has to locate the videos in the Gallery app. In this procedure the searching is better to be done in the My File app, where data can be sorted out in a much refined way, and we would use it to search for videos for deletion. The method is elaborated in simple steps:

Step 1. Switch on your device.

Step 2. Now tap the “Menu” button, and select the “My Files” option.

Step 3. Now locate the video containing folder from the list of several other folders. This could be named as DCIM or Videos folder or Bluetooth folder depending on how you had acquired the videos in the first place.

3 Ways to Delete Videos from Smartphones 1

Step 4. Now select or highlight the videos by tapping them for a longer moment and then tapping the “Trash” icon to delete them.

Step 5. Press “Delete all videos” from the pop up notification that turns up as a confirmation before deletion.

#2: Delete Videos from SD Card Directly

Sometimes instead of selecting each and every video from the stock of folders which kills a lot of your valuable time, it is better to format the entire SD card in case of emergency or hurry. Read below as to know to format the SD card at one tap:

Step 1. Firstly open your “Menu”.

Step 2. Go to the “Settings” app.

Step 3. Tap on “Storage” option, and then the “Format SD card” option which will erase all your device contents once and for all.

3 Ways to Delete Videos from Smartphones 2 #3: Delete Videos using SafeWiper

If you have been trying out several third-party tools to accomplish your task of video deletion, then your search is over now.

SafeWiper for Android is one such data erasing tool which can easily delete all your data from your device, be it text messages, images, videos, music, games, apps, etc. without 0% recovery possibility. But here in this section we would confine out discussion to the deletion of videos alone.

Step 1. Firstly download the setup file in your Windows or Mac computer and install it in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging in your Smartphone. Go to the “Settings”, tap on “Developers options” and then “USB Debugging” option to enable the USB debugging.

Step 3. Now; connect your Smartphone to your computer using USB cable.

Step 4. Choose “Erase Private Data” and the software will start scanning all your device contents. Once the scanning is done it will display the entire contents on the screen.

3 Ways to Delete Videos from Smartphones 3

Step 5. Now choose “Videos” option from the left hand side of the panel and you will get to see all your Device’s videos on the right hand side panel.

Step 6. Select the videos that you wish to delete and then click on “Erase” button at the bottom left corner of the screen to begin the process of deletion.

3 Ways to Delete Videos from Smartphones 4

It will take few moments before the completion of video deletion and but make sure that your device remains connected to your computer all throughout the process.


Erasing data like videos or MP4 files are very much recommended when you decide to purchase a new mobile by selling out your older phone to any customer. Mostly users are not fully aware of what initiatives should be taken, and thus this article might help them know that videos are equally vulnerable to becoming a threat if fallen in wrong hands. Use SafeWiper method if you wish to delete your videos without any scope of recovering them again since the first two methods have got several downsides.


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