Although Android is the most used operating system ever (even more than Windows), Android hides tricks and secrets by most of its 2 billion users.

Here are some of the most useful android tricks:

Split screen mode

Once reserved only for high-end Samsung devices, the split screen mode has become part of the “standard equipment” of Android phones with the release of Android Nougat 7.0 .

As the name clearly implies, the split screen mode allows you to use two apps at the same time, which will occupy each half of the screen.

This way you can continue working on a text file or e-mail while you continue to listen to your favorite playlist on YouTube (without the need to find out how to listen to YouTube in the background).

To activate the split screen mode on Android launch an app and hold for a few seconds the button of recent apps (located next to the Home button): the app screen will resize automatically, going to occupy half top of the screen. At this point you can launch a second app, which will occupy the free half of the display: turning the device 90 ° (horizontally, to be clear) will automatically switch to the Panorama view, allowing a better use of both “splitted” apps.

Use mouse with Android

Android is based on the Linux kernel ,has all the necessary features and functionality (such as firmware and drivers) to use a mouse or keyboard.

All you have to do is buy a device with a micro USB or USB type-C connector (depending on the attack of your smartphone) or, even better, look for a mouse or Bluetooth keyboard.

In this second case it will be enough to synchronize the mobile device with the peripheral and wait a few seconds: if everything went well, we should see the arrow appear in the mouse within a few moments.

Download maps of Google Maps for Offline

Before it was necessary to have an active data connection in order to use of Google Maps, with the latest updates google maps has made it possible to download the maps on your device, so you can use navigator and directions also offline.

It is, a very useful feature when you are on holiday abroad and you do not have the opportunity to be constantly connected to the Internet.

To download the maps of Google Maps, simply launch the app on your device, search for the desired location and wait for it to load. At this point, press the Preferences button (recognizable by the icon with three parallel horizontal lines) and, in the menu that appears, choose the Offline maps option.

In a few moments, Google Maps will indicate the size of the download (a few dozen megabytes, depending on the portion of the map to download offline): it is, therefore, advisable to do this when you are connected to Wi-Fi, to avoid consuming all your data plan.

Open the camera quickly

Open the camera quickly, even with a locked phone, is one of the least known Android tricks. Although each manufacturer usually adopts a shortcut, this is quite similar in each manufacturer.

In devices with Android stock (Nexus and Pixel, also OnePlus or Nokia) just press twice – a sort of double touch on screen in Samsung devices you will have to press the physical Home button twice; while for the Moto G a fast twist of the wrist will launch the camera.

Customize messages to reject the call

It may happen that you receive a call at inappropriate times – during a meeting at work, for example, or in the middle of an event – and to be forced, not to respond.

This does not mean, however, that you can not interact with the person that is making the call: Android, in fact, allows you to hang up and simultaneously send an SMS providing or asking for explanations. Few people know, however, that the messages can be modified to these messages, so as to adapt them to their needs or their style.

Go to settings, here choose call settings. Here is the Quick Answers item, which allows you to customize the messages to be sent to reject incoming calls.

The procedure described above refers to OnePlus, but it should not differ much from other versions of the Andorid.


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