During daily use of computer, there are many things that can go wrong. And one of the most common difficulties we face is corrupted files that you can not open or worse the file is missing.

In this case, the problem may be related to corrupted system files that do not allow Windows to boot or load properly. On the other hand, there may be an error when you try to open a file which is damaged and no longer readable.

A file can corrupt because of many reasons. For example, a system file can be damaged as a result of a blackout or a serious crash.

A file can be corrupted by a program that crashes or closes with an error while you are working, or it can be spoiled by a virus that makes it unreadable.

Recovering a damaged file can be a complicated operation success of which depends heavily on the file format, the amount of missing data and the ability of the error recovery and correction software.

Here, we will see 5 best programs to repair damaged file errors that will help you to their best.

First of all, if the damaged or corrupted file is a system file; Then you don’t have any need to download any external software. For this, I advise you not to use any external program but to stick to the tool included in every version of Windows, System File Checker.

In a nutshell, you can start it from a dos prompt using the sfc / scannow command and let it do all the work of automatically recovering errors.

1) Repair Toolbox

Repair Toolbox is a set of 22 single-use utilities, each designed to recover a certain type of file. If a Word file gets corrupt then you download the tool for Word. If it is a PDF there is another tool and so on, for Excel, Zip, Rar, Photoshop, Illustrator, Outlook, Onenote and many others.

Unfortunately, RepairTolbox repair tools are not free for the actual recovery it is necessary to buy the license.

2) Hitman File Repair

Hitman File Repair is a program designed to repair corrupted photo and image files, then Jpeg, Tiff and png files. This program is not for recover files from corrupted USB memory or USB sticks. It only works if you have a JPG file on your computer that you can’t open.

You can also use this program to know if your one or more photos can have a recovery or not. But it also requires a license fee to restore the files and save them.

3) Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is a free tool that allows you to recover MP4, MOV and AVI videos if they are encoded in Xvid, DivX, MPEG4, 3ivx or Angel Potion.

The tool can correct a video by skipping any missing frames, and it tries to make the file playable with a Media Player program anyway.

4) Stellar File Repair Toolkit

Stellar File Repair Toolkit is a collection of four tools for repairing Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and ZIP archives.

The program allows you to scan the entire system to find all the damaged files. You can also use it to scan for a specific file that you can not open.

Stellar File Repair Toolkit can also repair password protected files. The download for this tool is free. But unfortunately, here also for the actual recovery of files requires payment for the license.

5) Zip Repair

Zip Repair is one of the best free tools to repair RAR and ZIP archives, in order to extract and recover the files contained within them if they are impossible to open using standard programs.

Did you find these tools helpful for you? Do you know about any other tool? Please leave your suggestions and queries in our comment box. Your suggestions help us to write more helpful articles for you and our other readers.


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