Do you about most useful less known must have android apps for Indian citizen?

Our government is making all efforts to make its ambitious Digital India initiative successful, the government has launched a number of mobile applications for all major smartphone platforms.These apps are very useful for education, online transaction, e-governance, online security and more.

We have prepared a list of must-have applications that I am personally using, comply with the Digital India initiative as well as make your lives easier and secure.

Here are the 5 must have android apps for every Indian citizen.

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 MKavach- screenshot

Nowadays Malware attack in android devices is common. With malware attack, hacker tries to install apps automatically and display ads on your android.

But to protect you from these attacks and to ensure full security, Government of India launched M-Kavach helps you to:

Offline security analysis of your Android applications and protect against Malware attack.

 MKavach- screenshot

Protect critical information on your device

Allow easy backup and restore contact and call logs.

 MKavach- screenshot

Block calls/SMS from unwanted (Blacklist) numbers.

 MKavach- screenshot

You can delete your phones contact list and call logs through SMS and complete factory reset of your smartphone if the device is lost.

This is one of my favorite apps, I recommend you to use it from today.

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 DigiLocker- screenshot

You are going for a trip with family in the way you encounter a policeman and asks you about vehicle documents but unfortunately, you forget documents at home. It will spoil your trip enjoyment.

But if you are using Digilocker you need not to worry. You can show vehicle documents and driving license in Digilocker.

Digilocker app provides 1 GB of cloud space to store your important documents educational certificates, driving license, PAN card,  Vehicle ownership documents and some other documents.

 DigiLocker- screenshot


It is aimed to reduce the need to carry physical documents.

It enables e-signing of documents and ensure authenticity and thereby reduce the use of fake documents.

 DigiLocker- screenshot

You need to possess an Aadhar card to use DigiLocker.

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My Gov


 MyGov- screenshot

You have complaints about the system or any government policy, and you want to changes in them. Then My gov App is here for you.

My gov encourage direct participation of citizens with government. You can participate in governance by sharing ideas,  your suggestions to ministries and related bodies and can discuss among other citizens on my gov.

 MyGov- screenshot

Currently, there are about 5 million participants. 199.50 submissions And about 4 million comments on 752 topic discussions.

Maybe next, your valuable idea helps government and work for the betterment of India.

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Voter name search


 Voter Name Search (Internet)- screenshot

This app makes it easier for you to find out if your name has been listed in the electoral roll of the constituency.

 Voter Name Search (Internet)- screenshot

This app provides information about the precise polling booth allotted to a person.

 Voter Name Search (Internet)- screenshot

It is available for Android platform, the Voter Name Search uses SMS for pulling the information.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)



BHIM is a very popular app I’m sure you must have heard about this or already using this.

If not using then you must go for it.


BHIM empowers users to send or receive money without any transaction charge from ₹ 1 to ₹ 1 lakh.

Unlike PayTM and other mobile wallets, BHIM directly transfers money between different bank accounts. Transactions on BHIM are nearly instantaneous and can be done 24/7 including bank holidays and weekends.

Recently Railways is going to allow train ticket bookings using BHIM.

BHIM is available in almost all Indian languages.

It’s your turn to tell us which app you find very helpful from above list. 


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