Smartphone usage worldwide is very high there are more than 2.1 billion users, and now the smartphones come out with many technologies and feature increasing day by day.

Sometimes smartphones can fall into the water and then use them.Some smartphones come with the Water Resistance technology, but many smartphones do not come with water resistance technology.

It is very difficult to use those smartphones when you are near to water. Although smartphone companies give you insurance in case of damage, these companies will not be able to get the smartphones fallen off the water. So be careful when using smartphones.

These are few steps you should follow if your phone falls off in water accidentally:


If your smartphones fall off in saline water, the metal parts and parts of the electronics will be severely affected and therefore chances are minimal. But still, this process can help you to get your phone working.

Remove Battery & SIM

The smartphone’s battery and SIM should be removed from the phone. And remove the attached components, such as the memory card also.

Hair Dryer

The smartphone falling into the water should not be dried by a tool like a hair dryer, It effects internal components can result in permanent damage to semiconductor components.


For It is good to wipe the charging port with a clean cloth.

Clean cloth

Wiping the smartphone with clean clothes is good and it is good to use the cloth for a limited time. If your phone is still not working after a long time it is wiped out, then it is very difficult to recover the smartphone.

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