Here are 5 tricks that will make the smartphone much faster in all its functions, both from a graphical point of view, by browsing the internet or within the system itself.

Android smartphones have become real miniature computers, within them are integrated a large number of functions that could make the device to the best of its potential. Let’s find out together what it is, but above all how to activate them.

Force 4X MSAA for graphics quality

Nowadays devices with graphic cards and GPU of the highest level are marketed, but some limitations are placed on their use. If you love playing with your smartphone, know that you can push them to the maximum by activating certain settings.

Go to  Settings -> Info on the phone and press the Number Build item continuously until the Developer Options appear. At this point, go to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering section and turn on  Force MSAA 4X.

Make the system more fluid

To minimize the various animations and improve the navigation within the system itself, activate the  Developer Options  (see the previous point for how to do) and position yourself in  Resizing -> Window Animation Scale. To increase fluency you need to make animations faster, so set the scale to  0.5x.

Encrypt the internal memory

100% protect all personal information saved on Android smartphones. The operating system offers the possibility to encrypt the internal memory, setting an unlock password to read it completely.

To achieve this, go to  Settings -> Security and choose the Device Encryption item. Follow the procedure shown on the screen.

Push the processor and the system to the maximum

To get more responsiveness from your smartphone,  there are various tips and tricks. The best known and widespread concerns the use of launchers suitable for your devices, so not too heavy. If you have installed one and notice a certain slowness, try a lighter one.

Speed up the browser

On all smartphones is Google Chrome pre-installed, to speed it up there are various tricks. The most famous will allow you to get the maximum, with minimum effort. Open the browser and type in the address bar  Chrome: // flags, a new screen will open.

At this point look for the  Fast closing tabs/windows and press on Enable. The feature gives Chrome the opportunity to close all those windows in the background on which java scripts are not active, in other words, the unused ones. Navigation will certainly be faster.

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