When we watch any movie or favorite series we always think about getting a screenshot of it to make our favorite as wallpaper. But sometimes it gets hard to stop our movie at that particular point.

Although capturing an image or series of photos from a video or movie is one of those simple tasks.

But the first thing that comes to mind to capture the frame of a film is to put the display in full screen, press pause at the desired point and take a screenshot of what appears on the screen with the “Ptrsc” button.

Definitely, it is a tedious and cumbersome method that cannot be the best way to split a film into frames and transform a part of a video into a series of images.

There are several programs that allow you to capture and extract images from a video quickly and easily. And these programs also have programming to save a series of consecutive frames automatically.

1) VLC Media Player

The first to try is VLC Media Player, a program that everyone should already have. This free and open source program has a package with features including capturing a video screen you are watching.

Any video that is playing can be paused at the right place and then press the top menu button Video> Capture Screen. This operation helps to save the image in the same folder where the video you are watching is located.

In the Tools menu > Preferences, move to the Video tab here choose where to save the images extracted from the video.

2) Gom Player

Gom Player is one of the best to play movies and videos of any format. It is Very similar to the VLC Media Player, it contains all the codecs to open any type of file, whether the playback is from a DVD, a CD or a file.

As VLC player, it is also opensource and therefore free and continuously improved. It also contains some interesting options including the Burst Capture that precisely captures video frames and saves them on your computer as a JPEG image file.

On the Gom Player, to use the function to capture images from films or videos, press the right button on the program window and select the control panel (Control Panel), or just press F7. From the control panel, go into the video menu, there are two buttons, one is Screen Capture and one Advanced Capture.

With the Screen Capture button or the CTRL + E keys when you capture a frame, it automatically saves as an image file.

Pressing on Advanced Capture, you can access a configuration menu in which you can select the number of frames to be captured and automatically and consecutively capture (maximum 999).

And you can also set the time interval between one image and another.

In the same menu, you will see the folder where the images are saved and the format of the same that can be JPG.

So if you chose to capture 10 frames at zero interval seconds, pressing the Burst Capture button will yield 10 images representing 10 consecutive photographs of the video played.

Zero seconds does not mean that you take the same image 10 times. But it is the minimum time interval to do what is said to be the frame-by-frame of the video.

3) Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is an excellent program to watch videos. And it also allows you to capture frames from a video. It has functions to Save thumbnails and save images.

4) Video Decompiler

Alternatively, you can use the Video Decompiler program, which only serves to capture images from a video or a movie while it is in playback or playback.

This software is able to show a video frame by frame and has a panel to move forward or backward to scroll through the photos in which the entire movie is divided.

5) Scenegrabber

Another program for Windows is Scenegrabber which allows you to divide a video into frames in a manual or automatic way. The capture of the frames can also then be mounted in a single image with the sequence.

6) Free Video to JPG Converter

Free Video to JPG Converter is a program similar to the previous ones. It allows you to capture and divide into pictures a video or a movie.

Also in this program, you can decide the capture frequency, the number of frames. And it even allows you to convert the whole video into a set of images and frames.

7) Youtubescreenshot

To extract images from Youtube videos you can use the Youtubescreenshot online tool. It makes you to take screenshots of your favorite YouTube videos. And you can save them in your system.

Were these programs helpful for you? If you know but more programs which we can include in our list then please feel free to suggest us in our comment box.

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