8 Best Cloud services with free online space to backup your data

A cloud service is what makes it possible to store a certain amount of personal files so that they are always available from any computer you use and even on your smartphone.In addition, cloud synchronizes files so that they are always the same on every PC.

Until a few years ago there was great competition on cloud service providers to bring new subscribers, they promoted themselves with more and more free space for all subscribers.

Today, competition has come to a halt, with some cloud services becoming almost industry-standard, due to their reliability and the speed with which they make data transfer possible.

A cloud service, therefore, is super useful to keep a copy of the most important files such as photos or documents, to create an archive of multimedia files made of music and movies, to share files between different computers and with other people.

The best cloud services must not only be fast in uploads and file transfers but must also ensure full privacy and data security, with the dual guarantee that personal files are never removed and are not visible to even company employees.

We will see the best cloud services that offer free, reliable and secure space, which also have its apps for Android mobile phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox is a pioneer of cloud services, available for all platforms with apps for smartphones and tablets and PC synchronization programs, still among the most appreciated for reliability and data transfer speed.

Dropbox is a commercial cloud service widely used by companies also because expandable through various applications for Dropbox. The free account only offers 2GB of space for new subscribers, while paid plans start at 1 TB to around 9 euros a month.

2) Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps the cheapest cloud service if you do not want to spend anything. It offers 15 GB of space with a Google account.

Please note that if you have a Google, Gmail or Android account, you already have an account ready for use on Google Drive.

Google Drive also has the Google Docs applications (with the web apps Docs, Sheets and Slides) and many other apps and extensions of Google Drive that make the Google cloud service more than just a drive.

Google Drive can be downloaded as an app for iPhone and Android and as a PC and Mac program for file synchronization.With a subscription starting from approx $3 per month for 100 GB.

3) Onedrive

Onedrive is the Microsoft cloud service, available for Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone, which has the great advantage of being already installed in Windows 10.

Onedrive offers 5 GB of free space for all new subscribers (while the old ones, depending on when you are registered, can find 7 or even 25 GB of space without having spent a penny).

Onedrive works well, integrates into Windows and Office programs natively, and also lets you synchronize files between Windows PCs and remotely access all files on your computer. Paid plans start at $2 for 50 GB of free space.

Onedrive, however reliable, still remains with some shadow from the point of view of privacy of stored files, because Microsoft does not want to be saved illegal files or photos for adults, giving clear clue to check what is uploaded online.

4) PCloud

PCloud is a little-known name, but a great cloud service for several years that has some characteristics of great importance. First of all, you can register an account and get 10 GB of free space immediately, which can increase up to 20 GB by inviting friends to sign up.

The cloud space is perfect to be used to save music and video, since then you can listen to music streaming or watch videos without downloading them from the app of pCloud for Android and iPhone (also with Chromecast support).

PCloud also offers a part of its space to store files in an encrypted folder, so that no one can know what’s inside. Paid plans start from $ 5 per month for 500 GB. PCloud does not impose restrictions on the size of a file, so you can load anything you want, to fill the available space.

5) Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is not a completely free cloud service because it still requires access with an Amazon Prime account.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can then use the 5 GB space of Amazon Drive to save videos, documents and music and then even unlimited space for photos.

If you pay $60 a year, you can have a season ticket with unlimited space.

6) Box

Box is one of the most popular cloud services for many years, a competitor of Dropbox for paid plans, which offers a space of 10 GB free for new members.

The flaw of Box is that it is not really the most convenient for single users being very business oriented. In addition, the free plan has the limit of individual uploads, with a limit in the maximum size of each file of 250 MB. Paying $ 4 a month you remove this limit and buy a 100 GB space on the business plan.

7) Mega

Mega is one of the most generous cloud services ever, with the ability to load online for free, taking up a maximum of 50 GB.In addition to the Android and iPhone apps, the files can be synced to the Mega cloud drive with the Mega Sync program.

All files are protected with end-to-end encryption when you share a file or directory with other people. The paid plan starts at 5 dollars a month for 200 GB of space. Mega is clearly the best free cloud storage service right now.

8) Hubic

Hubic is another cloud service that offers lots of free space (25 GB) to use as you want, to save online videos, photos, movies and files of all kinds.

100 GB of extra space costs only 1 dollar per month. Hubic has its own apps for Android, iPhone and programs to sync files on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.