Sometimes people have awesome website design and lot of articles still they do not get sufficient traffic. This happens because search engines look website differently than we people do. For search engine your website search engine optimization and quality of content matter a lot.

These are few important tips to improve search engine optimization.

Website  domain name  

Try to get a domain name matching same as your business name it will help in getting higher position in search results. When someone will search with your business name your website will appear, so choose your domain address carefully.

Page title 

Title of your website pages matters a lot. So, Choose page title by analyzing what people are searching on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Google provides very helpful tools to check this.

Google trends – It helps in getting information about trending keywords related to your business, products or blog.
Google keyword planner – It shows how frequently a keyword is searched in some specific location,  It is really helpful for local business.

Description of pages 

Description of pages mentioned in ‘meta description tag’ is very important whenever someone search, description is one of the important factors to decide your page position in search results.If your description contains the search query keywords then there are higher chances of getting your website in top results.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

Average keyword density is 3 percent. It should not too high, search engines treat it as spam.

Duplicate Title or description

Make sure two pages of your website do not have same title or description because search engines get confused what page to show in search results.

Use a particular keyword

You can use a particular keyword related to your business frequently in title and description in different pages of your websites,  it helps in rank the website higher with a particular keyword.

Website is indexed or not 

To check whether your website is indexed or not follow these simple steps
a)Use incognito tab in browser
In results, you can see which pages are correctly indexed.

Submit XML sitemap :

XML sitemap helps webmaster to guide search engine crawler. It instructs crawlers about crawl frequency, page priority, last update date etc.

Check if you have submitted XML sitemap to search engines. And make sure it is updated.


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