Whenever you need to create a new video to make your website more beautiful, even to publish on Youtube or to present a project and make a film artfully assembled, you must not use copyright-protected video parts.

If you take advantage of content already published by others for their own projects the risk is to receive complaints or simply a notice of unoriginal content you may find videos deleted from the Internet for copyright issue. To know more about COPYRIGHT AND DMCA you can refer to this guide.

Luckily, a little bit like with photos, you can find on the internet videos that you can download for free and use them freely for any purpose you want, without worrying about copyright.

There are the best sites to download videos legally, where every content can be reused and edited or assembled for your need.

1) Pexels Video

This site is not only one of the most popular to find reusable images freely, but also offers downloads of high quality videos, including moving landscapes, roller coaster, magnifications of particular movements such as waves or poured coffee from a jug and then many other movies divided into categories: nature, technology, city, night, trees etc.

As mentioned above, in addition to the possibility of downloading videos for free, the video licenses are Creative Commons Zero (CC0), that is “Free for personal and commercial use”, that is to say, usable for commercial use, with “No attribution required”, without having to quote the author of the original film.

2) Coverr.co

This is the site where you will find movies of all kinds, which you can use as cover pages for websites, to be displayed full-screen.

There are also many videos, freely downloadable and usable on your own site or wherever you want, even for commercial purposes, without needing to request authorization and without having to mention the person or who made them.

3) Video Pixabay

Pixabay, known as one of the best free image search engines, also has a special section for freely downloadable videos.

There are really a lot of them, all in HD quality, with enlargements, landscapes and shots made in various city environments.Pixabay is a community where users can share and exchange copyright-free images and videos.

All content is released under Creative Commons CC0, so it can be used without any problems even for commercial projects, without having to tell who made it.

4) Videvo

This site offers the largest collection of high-quality videos free to download, which is almost impossible not to find what you need.

Downloads are free in Videvo, although there is a request to thank the site on Facebook or Twitter but not mandatory.

5) Life Of Vids

Life Of Vids is a website, in addition to fantastic images of city landscapes that also offers high-quality videos available and published on Vimeo.

Videos can then be downloaded by Vimeo and used freely for any project you want.


Vimeo, a famous portal competing in Youtube, offers a special section of Free Stock videos, without copyright, freely downloadable with the Download button below the video.

7) Distill

Even if in beta mode Distill provides a collection of high quality videos, perfect to use to accompany presentations or to edit new videos.

8) Archive.org

Archive.org is the largest non-profit website in the entire Internet, offering books, films, photos and even videos that can be used free of charge for any type of project you want.

9) Pond5
Pond5 is a collection of historical videos, often in black and white, that can be downloaded freely.

10) Natentine

Provides Royalty free music, can use for youtube videos and for professional use.



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