How to activate Office 2013 for free. Here are the best ways to activate and make Office 2013 genuine. Office 2013 activation: how to make free

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Problems with the activation of Office 2013? Here is the best way to activate and make Office 2013 genuine

The complete guide to activate Office 2013 for free using the Microsoft Toolkit program

Do you need to activate Office 2013 and do not know how? You’re desperately looking for a way to activate Office 2013, but you can not? Do you want to activate and make your copy of Office 2013 genuine, but do not have a valid product key? You do not want to spend hundreds of euros to buy a regular copy of Office 2013 and are you looking for some kind of crack for Office 2013? You’re in the right place!

In today’s article, in fact, I will explain step by step how pirates do to activate Office 2013 and make Office 2013 genuine. Maybe you do not know, but there is an incredible program that in a couple of clicks allows you to do the activation of any copy and version of Office 2013 even if you do not have a valid license or a valid Office 2013 product key.

How to activate Office 2013 for free

Thanks to some hackers and pirates, it is available on the net a powerful tool that in less than a minute allows you to activate your copy of Office 2013. Do not you think? Read this guide and find out how to complete the activation of Office 2013 completely free of charge.

Contrary to what many users think, activating Office 2013 for free without a product key and without buying a regular license is very simple. Thanks to a small tool that weighs only 50MB, in fact, you can activate any version of Office 2013 in less than a minute. We do not waste any more time and start with the guide that explains step by step how to reach your goal. I will explain to you, step by step, all you need to do to activate Office 2013.

Get comfortable and concentrate on reading the directions I am about to provide you: you will see that at the end of the guide you will be ready to say that activating Office 2013 was actually a real breeze. We proceed!

Activate Office 2013 for free: here’s how

If you intend to activate Office 2013, the operations you need to perform are very easy. Let’s see how to do it.

WARNINGthe guide will expose you to procedures not authorized by Microsoft, with repercussions also legal as well as dangerous for your programs, files, folders and for your privacy (copies activated by “alternative” methods are blocked at regular intervals and often are more vulnerable to viruses). Teknologya assumes no responsibility for damages, lawsuits and problems encountered by the use of the proposed material. If you proceed, do so at your own risk, assuming all the risks and responsibilities of the case.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that without any doubt the best way to avoid any kind of problem is to obtain a regular Office 2013 license by buying it legally at authorized online stores or at physical stores. If you prefer to buy the license online, you can go here:

If you do not want to spend anything to activate Office 2013, proceed with reading this article.

Activate Office 2013 for free: the best working methods – Microsoft Toolkit

The recommended method to activate Office 2013 for free is Microsoft Toolkit, a small tool useful for activating all Microsoft products in one click.

Download latest version of Microsoft Toolkit to activate Office 2013

First of all you have to download the Microsoft Toolkit program, which you can find for free with a simple Google search. On YourLifeUpdated you will not find any direct link downloads as it is an ILLEGAL programIf you want to download the latest updated version of Microsoft Toolkit you need to search for it. Just open Google, type “Download Microsoft Toolkit” and open the first search result to start the free download of the tool to activate free Office 2013.

Among the most reliable sites that allow you to download the program, I report, which offers the download link of the tool without too much invasive advertising, unlike many others.

The application needs to be updated frequently due to the change of activation servers, try to always have the newest version with a targeted search on Google.


NOTE: it is essential to disable the antivirus during the process because many security software do not look favorably at the activation procedures, even if completely safe, and therefore block them or report them as malicious.

Activate Office 2013: complete guide [2016]. Activate Office 2013, here’s how it’s done

Once you have downloaded the program, using it is really simple: we open the program with a simple click and authorize the permissions window (if enabled).

In the tool window, we need to click on the classic Office 2013 logo to access the section that allows you to proceed with activation.

In the new screen let’s go to the Tab Activation: here we make sure that the top is selected AutoKMS, then click on Install and then on EZ-Activator.

After that, let’s wait a few moments: the activation procedure will be automatic.

Once the operation is complete, you need to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

Upon reboot, we verify the correct activation of Office 2013.

Nothing could be simpler, right? The system is now active and functioning without time limits.

Can I download Office 2013 updates after activation?

The answer is yes!

The change is also compatible with Office 2013 updates: You can safely download all the updates of Windows without any kind of problem. You will have an operating system that is always up-to-date and performing, as if you had paid it regularly, even if you did not actually spend a cent to activate Office 2013.

Free activation of Office 2013 with Microsoft Toolkit | Conclusions

I would say that we have come to the conclusion of this complete super guide to activate Office 2013 for free. The guide has obviously been tested and, to date, is fully functional.

In case of doubts, problems or comments, use the form at the end of the article to share your experience with other readers.

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