15 ways to add date and time on the screen of an Android phone and choose the size, colors and graphics of the watch 

Date and time are the basic functions of every smartphone and thanks to the ability to customize the Android system on every smartphone, including those Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and all other models, you can add a different type of clock on the screen according to taste.

You can, therefore, choose to have a large digital clock, an analogue clock, a date clock and even a clock that includes an indication of the weather conditions.

The clock widget is an exceptionally useful widget, usually embedded, different in appearance depending on the phone used. The standard Android clock is made by the Google Clock application, which can be installed on every smartphone.

It is a good app, simple, free, without advertising, with the possibility to set personalized alarms and with a couple of widgets to enter the time on the phone screen, one with digital graphics, one with hands and analogue graphics.

In this article let’s find out the best ways to add date and time on the screen of an Android phone, with different apps than the Google Clock, which allow better graphic customization and allow you to choose the size, colors and font of numbers.

NOTE: To add the clock to the main screen of any Android phone, simply touch an empty part of the screen and hold until a series of buttons appears, including the widget button.

Touch Widgets to open the list of items that you can add to the Android screen, find the one of the time, touch it by holding and drag it where you prefer it to be.

When you install an app with time, new types of watches become available in the widget list.

1) Chronus is a great multi-function widget that allows you to add different types of watches on the screen, including the analog hands, the simple digital one and then the one with the current weather situation.

The Widget can also add a calendar and news of the day.

The watch can be customized with different options accessible from the application.

2) Seven Time – Resizable Clock is a watch that can be added on the screen of the Android smartphone in various sizes.

This is a new app that allows you to customize dimensions, colors and even the chart theme of the watch, among the best of this list also because without advertising.

3) Clock is one of the best app for those who want to add an analog clock to the screen and choose the type of favorite graphics in a vast catalog.

4) Watches Wallpapers is an app different from the others listed in this article, because it does not add a widget on Android, but puts an analog clock as the background of the phone, thus remaining always visible every time you turn on the screen.

5) Digital Clock Widget Xperia is the widget included on Sony Xperia phones, among the best ever for minimal simplicity, for customization, because it can be resized and enlarged and because it includes information such as the battery charge and the temperature detected in the position in which we find ourselves.

6) Digi Clock Widget is one of the most popular widgets, which offers many types of watches, with different graphics and sizes.

7) Clocks and transparent weather is one of the best widgets for those who want to insert a box on the phone screen that includes date, time, weather conditions and weather forecasts.

8) Weather & clock Widget is an app similar to the previous, direct competitor, to try together before deciding which of the two is best to have date, time and weather together.

9) Zooper is a multi-function widget that allows you to create new widgets from scratch and customize them as you want.

Even if we are not big geeks, Zooper makes it easy to create a widget for the screen clock with colors, sizes and graphics of our choice.

10) Sense flip clock & weather is one of the best known watches on Android because it is the one that has always been included in HTC smartphones.

11) Simple Digital Clock Widget, to finish, is the simplest clock widget that can be found, to add date and time on the phone screen and nothing else.

The main advantage of this application, besides being simple and light, is that it is one of the few without any publicity.

12) Onca Clock WidgetIt is a type of clock for Android more original, represented by a circle with the number of the hour inside, with the minutes represented by the color of the circumference and with the seconds that are a turning ball.

13) DashClock Widget, clearly one of the best watches to see date and time on every Android phone, which also works with extensions to add more information such as battery level, calendar events and more.

14) ClockNow is a clock with Google Now graphics, very cheerful, clean and minimal.


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