Everything is ready: the advertising on WhatsApp will start to appear soon. It’s the end for WhatsApp without ads on Android and iPhone: here are the news

Advertising comes in the Stories of WhatsApp

It’s all true: WhatsApp for iOS and Android will soon show ads. We still do not know when, but it will happen.

If you remember, initially WhatsApp was a program available only for a fee: iOS users could buy it from the App Store paying 79 cents.

And until then, just because of the price to pay to download it, WhatsApp was a program used by very few people.

Then WhatsApp was made available for free, and there was a boom: millions of users started using WhatsApp to exchange text messages, photos, images, videos and more.

Finally, Facebook arrived, which bought itself WhatsApp and started collecting data on users for 5 abundant years. This allowed the social network to keep WhatsApp free for all users, who could use the software for free in exchange for their privacy.

Apparently, however, now Facebook is no longer enough to spy on the use habits of WhatsApp of its users: the social network in blue, in fact, that for years has WhatsApp, as decided to include the much-dreaded advertising within the app most widespread messaging in the world. 

When will advertising on WhatsApp arrive?

We do not know yet when the ads will arrive on WhatsApp, but they will arrive.

There are traces of advertisements already in some beta versions of WhatsApp that circulate on the internet, so probably in the house Facebook/WhatsApp tests on the insertion of advertising and ads within the program are proceeding sent.

Where will the advertisements appear within WhatsApp?

At the moment we have no certainties, but it seems that the advertisements within WhatsApp will replicate those seen through the Stories of Instagram appearing within the state of WhatsApp.

Considering that very few users use WhatsApp Stories/Status, it should not be too annoying.

The problem is that sooner or later the advertisements could also appear between the chats and other areas of the program, and at that point it would become much more annoying.

Will the ads on WhatsApp be targeted?

At the moment we do not know.

WhatsApp could cross the phone numbers of users with those of Facebook to show targeted advertising to users, or even worse, could try to read user messages in conversations to show even more targeted ads and advertising.

In theory this second option should not be feasible, considering that WhatsApp messages are encrypted (which means that Facebook can not use them to extract data on users), but you never know.

At the moment the only certainty is that soon we will be forced to put up advertisements in WhatsApp. We hope that this unwelcome news will arrive as late as possible, even if I am afraid that in a few weeks we will have to live with the advertisements inside WhatsApp.

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