Google recently announced the closure of the URL Shortener service, which allowed users to share links in abbreviated form for free, the decision was announced on March 30, 2018 without any particular explanation; we decided to help you find the best alternative to Google Shortener proposing the best services on the net.

Consumers have said goodbye to support from April 13, 2018, users who have never created short links before that date will not be able to create and will have to rely on FDL, that is, Firebase Dynamic Links, deep links with greater potential launched by Google as an alternative.

Those who used the service before that date can continue to use it until March 30, 2019, the day on which the service will be closed.

Developers who have integrated the service APIs before March 30, 2018 will continue to use it until March 30, 2019 or switch to the new FDL platform.


Bitly is one of the best alternatives to Google Shortener, it is a service that allows you to customize and reduce the URL of a page or a website.

This service is very useful especially for those who use a lot of social networks and want to make known their personal website or blog without entering too cumbersome URLs.

Using Bitly is very simple, after creating your account and logging in, you find yourself in front of the box “Paste a long URL here to Shorten”, in which paste the URL to get the custom one.

After clicking on “Shorten” you will find a link like this, the first part is not editable, while the second one generated by the system can be customized.

Bitly generates short-urls with a random sequence of letters and numbers that can be modified to give your URL a better aesthetic impact.

The service is really simple to use and the graphical interface is very intuitive; it is possible to generate short URLs even without an account but you have limitations, to change the links and share them you need a free account. is another service dedicated to the creation of short URLs, it has a clean and intuitive interface, from the first access you immediately understand how to use the portal and create custom URLs.

Short links can be created using the “Paste a long URL” field, in which the link to be reduced must be pasted, which is confirmed with the Shorten key.

The short URL that is created has this aspect and can be copied and shared on the main social networks, all without creating any account.

If you want additional features such as the ability to customize the short URL and have available statistics on the progress of the link, such as views and clicks received, you need to create a free account. For those who need more, you can also open a Premium account that does not impose any limit and adds more useful features. is the Shorten Link service offered by HootSuite, a valid alternative to Google Shortner, simple to use, it also allows you to have a series of useful tools to monitor the URLs created.

The first thing to do is create a free account, you can log in using Facebook, or by filling out the appropriate registration form, then to create a short link you must paste the extended one on “Insert link” and then click on “Reduce” and the shorten Link will be ready.

The tools provided by HootSuite allow you to monitor a shorten link, have URL statistics, know the clicks by region, know who are the best referrers and most popular links and make comparisons between the various statistics.

You can create reports that show only the monitoring of going to Statistics> Build Custom Report> Click Stats or enter data also in reports that use data that come from social networks like Facebook. is a very simple and minimal service for what concerns the creation of shorten URLs, unlike others that provide different features, this is limited to provide the link to share where you prefer.

The graphic interface of the main page of the service is quite intuitive, the service immediately gives the user the ability to monetize through ADS and links offered by the platform, all functions accessible after creating an account.

As for the creation of the short URL, just place in the box “Shorten URL and get paid”, paste the link you want to reduce and press on Shorten, the result will be like this; the URL obtained can not be customized to your liking.

You can copy the URL using the appropriate Copy button and then decide to immediately switch to the next creation of another Shorten URL via the Shorten another link entry.


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