AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has existed since 2015 and was created by Google to accelerate the loading of web pages on smartphones. Now the company is launching the AMP for Email, but with a different goal: to make this type of service more dynamic and interactive.

Google takes AMP to Gmail to make emails more interactive

It’s quite likely that you’ve already accessed pages with AMP on your smartphone. In Google search, they are identified with the lightning bolt icon and load faster because of their simplified code, which requires JavaScript and CSS, for example.

A little over a year ago Google announced its intention to take the AMP to Gmail, precisely with the promise of making the messages within the service more interactive. But what does the company mean by that?

The basic premise is that the user performs certain tasks without leaving the e-mail. He can, for example, confirm attendance at an event, fill out a questionnaire or check a list of products from a store right there in the email service.

Not that it is not possible to do at least part of these actions in emails, but what Google proposes is a more agile, simplified and standardized method. That’s because AMP already offers features for forms, lists, image carousels, and so on.

According to Google, a number of companies have already come to support AMP in their messages, including Booking, Take Off, OYO Rooms and Pinterest, as well as e-mail marketing platforms such as Litmus and Twilio Sendgrid.

In the case of OYO Rooms (a very popular hotel service in Asia), for example, the user can receive hotel recommendations by email and check the detailed characteristics of the rooms in the message itself.

Although it debuts in Gmail – for now, the feature only works on the web version of the service – Google points out that AMP for Email can be used by rival services, without any kind of cost. Yahoo Mail, and Mail.Ru have already confirmed compatibility. Technical information for implementation is available on the AMP website.


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