Choosing an Android antivirus is important: we are talking about the most used mobile operating system in the world and therefore also the one most prone to attack.

According to the latest estimates, on 10 smartphones at least 8 run as their own Android mobile system, the famous green robot of Google.

Being so famous is often also the target of many scams, infections, viruses or attacks by malicious people who find in Android a fertile ground where they can spread their threats.

If you use your smartphone a lot or if you often install new applications or games – especially if it’s your children – then an antivirus is a must and in this article we will guide you to choose the one that suits you best, showing for everyone of them the strengths, the main properties and the additional features!

Android antivirus: what is it for?

Often the term ” virus ” is given too general a meaning, and it is right to know that there are many – and all different – the (digital) threats to which we are exposed every day with our smartphone or tablet.

In short, if you have read the differences of only some of the viruses that we have just mentioned, you have certainly already understood a very important notion: ” the most effective antivirus is you!”  Being careful what you do, and wary of any sign of uncertainty, you can be sure you have eliminated 90% of the threats that infest your devices!

Antivirus for Android

An example? As many of you know, many applications that are not on the Play Store can be downloaded and easily installed on your device through files called APK (Android Package). Most of these apps however, have been removed from the Play Store for some reason.

When you download a file like this, and installed on your Android smartphone, no one will give you the assurance of what you are installing and you will not have the certainty that the file is not infected with a virus . However, there are some methods to defend against potentially infected APKs, and we have shown them in our guide on how to check if APK contains viruses.

However, you can never be completely safe and often it is not easy or immediate to recognize a danger or an attempt at fraud. This is where antiviruses come into play: software that recognizes and eliminates potentially harmful programs or activities. But not all antiviruses are the same: so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

How to choose the right antivirus

Now that you know how many countless threats we are exposed every day, you will have understood that it is practically impossible to defend each of them, but above all, it is unthinkable that an Android app (an antivirus) can identify and defend against all possible threats.

That’s why it becomes important to choose an Android antivirus targeted to your needs and the style of use of your smartphone or tablet. By doing so you will be able to combine your “nose” in recognizing a threat (which I remind you, it is the most powerful weapon) to the protection features offered by the software we are about to show you.

In short, every smartphone antivirus we will list shortly has been developed with very specific (and often combined) features such as:

  • Scan for viruses, Trojans or Spyware;
  • Protection of personal files;
  • Internet data monitoring;
  • Anti-Phishing during online purchases;
  • Scan downloaded apps and files in memory;
  • Data protection following the theft of the device;
  • Scanning wireless networks;
  • Block access to apps or other types of files;
  • Protection filters for malicious websites;

And there are many other features that, as you will have understood, are precisely aimed at the use that you make of your device. Each of you, therefore, has different needs and needs! Now, however, it’s time to get to know what are the best Android apps to offer complete protection to our device.

The best Android antivirus

Below is the list of the best antivirus for Android of the moment! Obviously, all these apps are found for free on the Play Store and we tried to order them on a scale of importance and notoriety, also following the feedback of the millions of users who installed them on their devices! So let’s not waste any more time: here is the list of the best Android antivirus:

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security andoid

With about 50 million installations, Avira is one of the most popular antiviruses for Android and appreciated for its features! With it, you can do a full scan of viruses and other types of malware on your smartphone or tablet, and not only: Avira also offers advanced protection for personal files and privacy (reporting applications that could damage it).

And then again it is able to recognize possible ransomware attacks that could block your personal data in exchange for a monetary redemption! And then: protection in case of loss/theft of the smartphone, blacklist and remote management of all the devices on which Avira is installed. Here you are in the link to the download:

Norton Antivirus and Security

Antivirus for Android - android antivirus - Norton

If you usually install many apps, Norton Antivirus is the right choice for you! Pluri-awarded for its ability to recognize malicious apps, Norton is very effective in protecting devices from threats, sites that try to steal information and much more. Another feature also allows you to lock the stolen or lost smartphone with a text message! There is also a Premium version if you want to extend its functionality:

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security android

Even Kaspersky, like most of the Android antivirus that we are recommending, is a famous PC antivirus that was then developed also on the mobile platform. Among the most important features are: continuous background check of viruses, malware, Trojans and Spyware, protection of some app from prying eyes, remote smartphone location, anti-Phishing during online purchases and filtering on unwanted calls and websites harmful! In short, perfect for those who use the smartphone for work and for online purchases! Here is the link to the download:

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Another antivirus that just could not miss is Avast Mobile Security that has – think a bit – more than 100 million installations and a very high feedback score on the Play Store. Why? All thanks to its many features: call and app blocking, burglar alarm, Web protection and WiFi. But it does not end here because Avast also allows you to clean the memory from residual files, free up RAM memory and much more!

Bitdefender: Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

With the best security report – prize awarded in 2015/2016 – Bitdefender is an Android antivirus that stands out for its ability to detect malware, or app or potentially harmful behavior, thanks to its constantly updated virus database. Obviously, it does not end here because there is no lack of theft, the blocking of the app, Web security, scanning of email and much more. Discover all the details:

AVG Antivirus

avg antivirus android

With over 100 million downloads, AVG is among the most famous antivirus for Android ever! Known above all for the PC software, this app will guarantee maximum security both of the files and the apps installed on your device, both during web browsing and online purchases. There are also other features such as scanning WiFi networks, app lock, the alarm and much more! Look at everything available here:

Malwarebytes: Antivirus + Malware

 Malawarebytes Antivirus Malware android

Another very reliable software to consider is Malwarebytes, one of the few able to perform a really thorough scan! Search for ransomware and malware in real time, scan your memory and apps for malicious code, detect malicious links in any text – becoming essential for those working with websites and mail – and then also scans the apps that you have not installed from the Play Store! Here are other details:

McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee Antivirus & Security android

With approximately 50 million installations and many awards in the field of security, McAfee is one of the most popular Android antiviruses because it can offer advanced functionality on three main fronts: security (and therefore protection against viruses, theft, backup and more), privacy (such as blocking an app and call and SMS filtering) and optimization (for performance, residual files, RAM and more). In short, nothing is missing:

Doctor Web Antivirus

Doctor Web Antivirus Android

Dr.Web is among the most downloaded antiviruses ever (about 500 million people !!) and with an excellent feedback score from users who have tried it. This thanks to the very useful features such as: real-time scanning of the file system and also the verification with the scanner of individual files and folders at the user’s request, unlocking from ransomware trojans (even when the device is on standby), quarantine files and applications , widgets, statistics and more! Absolutely to try:

Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile Security is not well known but it is one of the most popular PC antivirus, and even on mobile you do not miss anything: real-time protectionagainst viruses, anti-theft, blocking apps, scanning (even planned) memory, cloud, and SD card , and then again offline data backup and more. In short, Comodo is the right antivirus for those who have important data that can not risk losing! Download it for free from this link:

ESET: Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET : does this name mean anything to you? Probably it was one of the very first antivirus on your PC, and maybe it will be on your smartphone too! In fact, ESET offers many advanced features, and the premium version is even more interesting. Among the free services are: anti-malware and anti-phishing controlin online purchases, theft and GPS location of the device and filtering of potentially harmful websites. Here is the link to the download:

TrustGo – Antivirus & Mobile Security

Trustgo antivirus and mobile security

TrustGo boasts a detection rate of 100% of virus samples thanks to an independently developed engine based on Big Data processing, reaching 8 times the first position in the AV-TEST evaluation . After saying this, this antivirus for Android does not need any other presentations! Recommended especially for those who surf a lot on the Web and need continuous security: the link to the download is below.

Lookout – Antivirus and Security

Lookout - Antivirus and Security

It is impossible not to mention also Lookout which, with its constantly updated virus database, will always be able to identify the threats to which you are exposed while downloading applications or surfing the Internet. Among the free features then, does not miss the location of the smartphone in case of loss/theft by saving the GPS position before it is turned off or discharged . There is also a premium version with many other features, take a look:

CM Security – FREE Antivirus

CM Security - FREE Antivirus

Which of you does not know Clean Master? Few imagine, since it is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, and the same applies with its app dedicated to security – CM Security precisely – which offers an intelligent diagnosis of the network and threats on the smartphone, blocking the app or even the ” Intruder Selfie ” which will trigger a photo if someone tries to unlock your device . This and much more, all for free:

360 Security – Antivirus

360 Security - Antivirus

The appeal could not miss 360 Security which, with about 500 million downloads and a high feedback rating, is one of the most renowned antivirus for Android. The features offered are more or less those already seen so far such as the protection of apps, data and privacy or the anti-theft function and remote management . But 360 Security is also an excellent cleaner of residual files and unwanted data. Here is the link to the download:

Other free antivirus

Of Android apps like the ones we have shown here at the top there are really a lot of them on the Play Store. However those were, according to our analysis, the most efficient, known and rewarded. Below, however, you can find another Android antivirus that do their job well! Some are new, and therefore do not have many votes or downloads, but that does not mean they are not as effective:

  • AVL Pro Antivirus & Security -> DOWNLOAD
  • Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) -> DOWNLOAD
  • NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus -> DOWNLOAD
  • Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus -> DOWNLOAD
  • AntiVirus-2018 for Android -> DOWNLOAD


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