Do you have a Wifi router and your internet has slowed down its speed considerably? And if someone was stealing the WIFI connection without your knowledge? Do you want to find out who the WIFI thief is? With an Android smartphone and iPhone IOS you can do it and we are here to explain how.

The only problem with Wi-Fi networks is that they could be “scrounged” or stolen by other neighbors or people passing by with a smartphone phone.

Fortunately, if you want to check which devices are connected to your wireless network and decide if it’s time to change your password, you can use a simple free android appWiFi thief Detector – Who uses my WiFi?.

Thief WiFi Detector – Who uses my WiFi will in fact make a quick scan of the network, and will present a list of all devices connected at the time: you can read the name, manufacturer, MAC address, IP, and understand if it is your device or that of a nearby “thief”.

To avoid that in the future some attacker connects to your WiFi network is also recommended to change the password of the WiFi router that is provided by default when the device is purchased, so as to limit the possibility of finding strangers connected to your wireless network.

Thief WiFi Detector – Who uses my WiFi? is available for free on the Play Store, you can download it on your smartphone by clicking on the download badge below.

Also for iOS operating systems there is a very similar free appFing – Network Scanner.

In practice, like the Android app seen earlier, using Fing you can discover all the devices that are connected to our home or office wireless router.

Once installed, just start the application and scan so you can see the name of the various devices connected to our WIFI network, which may include printers, computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

In addition you will also be able to know different information about the single device ( IP address, MAC, name, manufacturer ) in order to better identify the identity.

Fing – Network Scanner tools include:

  • Wi-Fi / LAN network scanner: discovers all devices connected to networks
  • Complete device information: IP address, MAC, name, manufacturer, and beyond
  • Advanced analysis of NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour: names, services, types of devices
  • Inventory of devices and networks
  • Check and check Internet connectivity
  • Information on the Internet Provider
  • Subnets scanner
  • Port scanner: scan of TCP services
  • Ping and traceroute: for monitoring the quality of the network
  • WOL: turning the devices off with Wake On Lan
  • Direct and reverse DNS resolution
  • Connection to open ports (Browser, SSH, FTP)
  • Intrusion detection in the network
  • Monitoring of device status

Once you have identified the possible WIFI thief you will not be able to block it directly from the app but, through this, you will be able to access the NAT and MAC information and, connecting to the router, block any future unwanted access or change the WIFI password.

Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner
Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner

It is suggested that to find out who is using your WIFI connection in secret, you must first make sure you are connected to the WIFI network that intends to control.


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