Measuring the speed of an Internet connection is easy. This operation, called SpeedTest, has 2 advantages: the first is that it is free, the second is that it allows you to make sure that your service provider is keeping what is promised in the contract. Because trusting is good, but controlling is better. Fortunately, the web makes available tools for this purpose, and since there are many Android, we decided to collect the best in this article.

Internet connection speed test: here are the 5 best apps

Simple Speedcheck

The main features of Simple Speedcheck are clarity and simplicity. Few texts, illustrations, colors and icons are the elements used by the App that boasts more than 250 thousand evaluations.

Thanks to it you can test the download speedupload and ping the Wi-Fi at home and also the 3G or 4G/LTE connection of your mobile phone. In addition there is a history that keeps track of all the speed tests performed, so you can ascertain whether, over time, there have been performance drops or not. is the official app of the homonymous free service accessible from the web. Designed to offer a simple and direct experience, without frills, it allows you to test the internet speed with the simple pressure of a single large button located at the center of the main screen.

Among the options shown here is the possibility of choosing which server to connect to perform the test, as well as being able to change the preferred unit of measure for the measured speed that will be shown at the end of the test.


Speedcheck is the sister of the first App to do the speed test for free on Android, because the interface and the functions are almost identical, but still gaining an interesting feature.
In fact there is a database, called SpeedSpot, which reveals the Wi-Fi hotspots of hotels, bars, restaurants or shops and the quality of their connection. In addition you can visit the places directly on sites like TripAdvisor or Booking and get directions to reach them. Not bad, right?

Speed Test Speed and QoS 4G

Despite the little appealing graphics, Speed Test Speed and QoS 4G has nothing to envy to other applications to measure the speed of the Internet. On the contrary, it makes its winning weapon complete.

In addition to the classic control, you can test streaming video, compare results with those of users who use the same program and discover the national coverage of network operators.

Meteor Speed Test

Last but not least, there is Meteor Speed Test. Its strong point is the ability to predict what kind of experience you will have during the use of the apps that require access to the network ( Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Chrome, etc … ).

The app will show you the details and the score for each specific activity on the display. For example, in the case of YouTube, it will show you the behavior of your line when playing various video resolutions. Obviously, the speed test is not missing to check the speed of the Internet connection.


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