Are the questions on Instagram anonymous? Can you know the name of who answers?

As you’ve probably noticed, for some weeks now the social network Instagram has introduced a new and interesting feature in the stories.

We are talking about the possibility of asking questions to their users within the Stories. And, since the feature was launched, it’s full of Stories where Instagram users write “Ask me a question” to push their followers to respond.

I’m sure that even the users you follow on Instagram publish a story almost every day in which they ask you “Ask me a question”, right?

Since the launch of this feature, however, users of Instagram are plagued by a big, huge doubt. 

Are the questions in the Instagram Stories anonymous or can you see the name of those who do them?

This is the question that millions of Instagram users are doing all over the world. If you also have this doubt and you want to try to understand if the questions you ask on Instagram are anonymous or not, you will find the answer you are looking for below.

Without wasting your time, I’ll tell you right away that the questions you do on Instagram in Stories are NOT anonymous.

So, if a user who follows on Instagram asks “Ask me a question” and you answer, that user can see exactly who asked what, with the name and photo of the user who asked the question.

In practice, when a user asks a question in the Stories of Instagram, he can:

  • see who asked the question (username and profile picture)
  • know what question has been asked
  • answer in return to the question that was asked of it

In short, the questions on Instagram are NOT anonymous. 

If the user then decides to answer the question that has been askedthe answer will be published in the Stories, but in this case the name or the profile picture of the person who made the application will NOT appear.

All clear?

Instagram how to ask questions

If you want to ask a question on Instagram but do not know how to do it, here is our detailed guide:

Instagram does not ask me questions. Instagram does not ask me questions

  • Why does not Instagram make me ask the questions?

If you do not yet have the function to ask the questions on Instagram,  I’m sorry but you can only wait and hope that Instagram will activate the function on your account.

Unfortunately, the questions on Instagram are activated “remotely” by the social network: do not waste time uninstalling/reinstalling Instagram, deleting program data, logging in/out, and doing nothing.

Instagram activates many functions only to certain accounts, without a precise logic, and users can not do anything but wait and be patient. Too bad, but there are no valid solutions or alternatives at the moment to solve this problem.

Download the latest updated Instagram version

In any case, I recommend downloading the latest version of the Instagram app directly  from the following links:

For any other questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.