To defeat cybercriminals, Microsoft provides an extension developed by itself for Edge and now also available for Chrome. Let’s see how to avoid online scams with the new Windows Defender Browser Protection extension

Let’s immediately write in writing that the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension is completely free and easy to install. But we will see this later.

Windows Defender Browser Protection on Chrome?

You may wonder why Chrome needed to import an extension from a competing browser. The reason is quite clear: the report on the safety of web browsers in 2017 dripped by NSS Labs has highlighted that the most secure internet broswer of all is Edge, which manages to protect against 99% of attackswhile Chrome succeeds only against the ‘87%.

Although both statistics are high, when it comes to computer security there is no limit to the best, and Chrome has decided to implement a new extension to allow its users to acquire a new tool to guide them and provide them with help in how to avoid online scams.

Online scams are not just a problem circumscribed to fake emails and fraudulent and deceptive advertisements. Another problem is that of websites that imitate others famous, but they are nothing more than sites programmed by enticing and scammers to make you fall into a trap.

We navigate consciously

Usually these are banking websites or otherwise of an economic nature, but we provide you with a typical situation. If, for example, a scammer exploited our site, as a basis for their criminal actions, he would copy the source code of the site, and to the page, which would have aesthetic similarities with the original, could include fake articles and fraudulent links that would send you to pages with harmful content, or they could send you malware, try to steal your money and so on.

How to avoid online scams like these then? First of all, get a good antivirus. However, it should be borne in mind that it may happen to everyone to make typing errors of this type, and therefore Microsoft has developed an extension capable of analyzing the website on which you are about to enter, advising you of any dangers that may be expected. Unfortunately, there are several bad URLs, and certainly this extension can give you a hand.

This is because the Chrome browser alone warns you of the presence of threats in the sites you’re going to visit: it’s the classic red screen with the X that warns you not to go further because you could run into such problems. Let’s say that with Windows Defender Browser Protection this screen will appear more frequently, which will be good.

You can find the extension at this link, and after downloading it, install it following the instructions you will find on the Chrome Web Store.


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