Even if the Mac is considered much safer than any PC with Windows operating system, in the last years the types of threats and the malware that can hit the Mac OS operating system have increased.

Given its increasing popularity in offices and homes, many malware are designed to cause damage even on Macs, in particular by increasing superuser permissions where not required or by hiding dangerous fragments of code within the system, so they can spy on every action of the unaware user; in other cases Macs can become vehicles to spread Windows viruses throughout the home or company network, thus becoming unknowing “spreaders” (just connect the Mac to the network with all Windows PCs to propagate the infection).

In order to be able to use Mac safely on any type of network, antivirus and security programs designed specifically for the Apple system were born in these years; in this guide we find the best antivirus and security programs for Mac.

We’ve collected the best Mac security software in this guide that you can install for free and or pay on our precious Apple computer.

1) Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

One of the best antivirus we can install on our Mac is definitely Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, available from here -> Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac.

With Kaspersky we will have a complete security suite at your disposal able to block all the threats coming from the Internet and from the other PCs present in the local network in advance, we will have an advanced security system to use when we make online purchases or we use the banks websites and a locking system to avoid espionage via webcam or other tracking tools such as keyloggers.

The antivirus engine built into Kaspersky is definitely one of the best, since it blocks all kinds of recent threats including exploits, spyware, ransomware and other threats that normally infect PCs with Windows.

2) Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

A good free antivirus that we can install on our Mac is Avira Free Antivirus for Mac, available for download from here -> Avira Free Antivirus for Mac.

With this antivirus we will have all the power of the Avira detection engine available to stop both Windows-compatible malware and malware that can infect Macs.

Fast and fast scanning engine, allows you to keep updated definitions in a completely automatic so as to always receive the latest antiviral signatures.

With this antivirus we will also block very dangerous threats like spyware, ransomware for Windows and rootkit, a real threat for all Mac devices.

3) Avast Security for Mac

Another good antivirus we can try on Mac to increase security is Avast Security for Mac, available for download from here -> Avast Security for Mac.

With this antivirus installed we will get free protection against all Mac-compatible threats, scanning of files to be sent to Windows PCs and the detection of threats from e-mail and Web browsers.

Excellent automatic recognition of the most common threats such as spyware, Trojans, worms and anything else even if designed for Windows (we can thus prevent the infection from spreading without our knowledge by using emails or links to the internal network).

4) AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Another very famous antivirus manufacturer provides its own version compatible with Mac; we are talking about AVG which allows you to download the Mac-compatible antivirus from here -> AVG AntiVirus for Mac.

By installing this security solution, we will benefit from the AVG intelligent scanning engine that can block threats that undermine our privacy, our personal data and ready to spread to other PCs on the network.

Good threat detection system, which also blocks the extensions and scripts that can block the Mac or slow down the execution (especially using browsers other than Safari).

5) ESET Cyber Security

Among the best antiviruses that you can install on a company Mac or on a Mac at home definitely stands ESET Cyber Security, available here -> ESET Cyber Security.

The innovative ESET scanning engine allows you to block threats without having to intervene manually, thanks to the artificial intelligence system working through the integrated cloud service: the antivirus will know what to do in any situation, protecting the Mac like no other from threats.

The scan engine allows you to analyze any type of disk (even on the network) and to protect against unauthorized intrusion on both the Mac and other PCs on the network, reporting any anomalies or threats on it (we can find out in advance the PC Windows already infected on the network).

Definitely one of the best products that we can install on a Mac to increase the security of the entire system and the network and to block in one fell swoop ransomware, spyware and other threats.

6) Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

In the panorama of security programs for Mac could not miss the solution offered by the company Bitdefender, which offers its Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac at the link here ->Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

By focusing on the Bitdefender security system, we will provide our Mac with a lightweight, minimal impact antivirus that can automatically block both threats from files downloaded from the Internet and malicious links that can be opened accidentally while browsing the Web. to infect or change the behavior of the browser or other PCs on the network.

The scanning engine effectively blocks any malware designed for Mac and Windows, thus offering an effective security system in any scenario and with any company network.


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