In Play Store there are really many useful applications to record the screen on Android, long ago it was necessary to obtain root permissions with the old versions of the operating system of Google.

Now everything is simpler you can record your Android phone screen in HD without root permission.

For this reason in today’s article, we decided to make a selection of the five best apps to record the screen on Android, choosing those that differ in their characteristics and functionality.

The best apps to record the screen on Android, including the AZ Screen Recorder, ADV Screen Recorder, NLL Screen Recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder and Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

All applications in this list can be used safely in the free version, some of course with the paid version allows you to delete advertising or other small restrictions.

As always we leave you the best video app to record the screen on Android, and the article with the various links to download all the apps in this video.

Best Apps to record the screen on Android

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder does not have a real interface, the app consists of a balloon, then a button overlay on the screen that we can move at will in our interface.

By clicking on it we will have available the various possibilities: we can go to make a simple screenshot, then a picture of the screen, or start recording the entire display.

Capture can take advantage of all screen resolution, up to Quad HD and 60fps, with various intermediate settings. Obviously, if your smartphone has a FullHD display it will not go beyond this resolution. Even the bitrate is customizable up to 12 Mbps, as well as the speed of the video or background audio that can be superimposed on the recording, so useful in the case of recording of gameplay and tutorials to be published on YouTube.

There are also many other options such as the ability to overlay a logo or text constantly or show the touches of the screen to make visible movements that are made in real time on the touch of your smartphone.

The application is free, however with the paid version you can add features such as front camera recording and on-screen design during the video.

Pros: high-quality recording

Cons:  front camera recording only with the pro version

ADV Screen Recorder


ADV Screen Recorder is slightly different: here we can click on the symbol at the top to enter the recording mode, at this point we will have a small square overlapping the screen and clicking on it will start recording with a stopwatch.

Also, in this case, the resolution can reach the maximum of the screen and the fps up to 60, while the bitrate goes up to 15Mbps.

The interesting thing about ADV is that we can, even with the free version, at any time write on the screen with a finger continuing to record, in this way we can show or highlight certain elements. Also, the registration of the cam is present in the free version, unlike AZ.

The options, however, are slightly lower than those of the previous app but the necessary is not lacking, indeed they are all usable without the paid version, the only reason why you may find yourself having to pay is in case you want to remove advertisements.

Pros: free full version

Cons: few options

NLL’s Screen Recorder 


NLL’s Screen Recorder is very minimal as an interface, even here, as, on ADV, we can choose two different recording engines, one of which supports pause.

The maximum resolution, as always, is that of the screen while the fps reaches even 80, with a bitrate that goes up to 20Mbps. In short, as regards the quality of registration we are ahead of other applications

Also, in this case, the audio can be recorded in the background but with the possibility to choose the quality. Also, this app allows the registration of the face simultaneously in the free version, so if you want to record for example gameplay is a perfect solution.

In short, as a personalization of the recording quality, it is probably the best among the five. Unfortunately, it does not have a function to write on the screen while recording.

The app is available in a completely free but with some minor limitations, such as the inability to insert a static text or minimize the app automatically during registration. To eliminate these limitations and advertising you will have to pay little amount.

Pros: quality

Cons: no writing on screen

Mobizen Screen Recorder

When you start the Mobizen Screen Recorder for the first time, it will analyze the smartphone’s performance to choose the recording settings that best suit your device’s potential.

Also, in this case, everything works thanks to a button that can be moved on the screen in overlap, beyond the settings chosen by the app, we can decide to record up to 60fps and 12Mbps of bitrate.

There is a clean mode to hide all the elements on screen during recording and the ability to enter the recording of the cam very customizable both in size and shape, otherwise the settings are fairly standard but is a complete app, just think that it also has a small internal editor for the videos you record, plus it is completely free.

Pros: completely free

Cons: none

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder has no particular functions other than the others, even if it allows you to make a direct cast on PC by downloading the appropriate application, in short, you can stream your screen directly on your PC while recording.

As for the other settings are the usual: screen resolution at most, 60fps with the various steps and a bitrate that reaches 12Mbps. Even here you can make an accelerated recording and record the camera simultaneously.

As for the rest, we do not have much else, so in general, compared to the other offers slightly less. As well as AZ also it can count on a dot in superposition to the screen to move.

Pros:  streaming on pc

Cons:  less functions

All applications can be downloaded from the PlayStore.

What do you think of the best apps to record the screen on Android? Tell us in the comments.


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