Today goes like this, I feel in the mood for rankings. I want to find out which are the best free video players for my Mac. So, just for fun and to take away my curiosity. And to find out, together with you, if there are any valid alternatives, the program that is usually used. Also because if I have thoroughly explored this theme for Windows and Linux operating systems, omitting Mac Os can lead to neglecting some interesting software.

1. VLC Media Player

Do you notice that VLC is my favorite video player? But what can you do if there is a version for each operating system? Also because, whether you use it on Windows or on Linux Ubuntu or on Mac OS X it keeps its qualities intact. Or, to put it another way, it allows you to watch movies in practically all the digital formats in circulation. In addition to playing DVDs and video CDs you can also use it to listen to music. Excellent also for streaming.

It is not enough for you. And then I add that often manages to give us the opportunity to watch movies whose file is ruined, or not complete, such as when a download is interrupted abruptly. Did I mention that I basically use only VLC to watch videos on the Mac?

2. DivX

On the other hand, if we are looking for a video player able to show us HD movies, perhaps we should look at DivX. Even if I find it less performing than VLC, DivX still has a fair compatibility with the most popular video formats. In addition, it integrates some gadgets to be integrated with our Mac, plus some special graphic effects. Yes, they are mostly useless effects, but anyway there are.

3. NicePlayer

NicePlayer is practically an unknown software. But its results are still worthy of note. Because? Because it allows us to see many formats and a good definition. But, above all, it is an Open Source project, not too old and still under development. And as often happens in these cases, rather than focusing on the graphical aspects programmers are focusing on the quality of video playback. Personally I have marked the name, and I count on keeping an eye on its development: do you know that within a few years it can not undermine the throne of VLC?

4. Elmedia Player

Interesting application, built to play flash movies, and more. It allows you to browse the internet and easily view, and in high quality, streaming movies from websites. I have yet to decide whether this program is a quirk or whether I really have a practical utility, at least for my needs.

5. Windows Media Components for Quick Time

Ok, I do not want to know who is going to use Windows video files on a Mac. Although, to be honest, for work reasons I find myself forced. The only solution was to install some components of Windows Media Player and integrate them with Quick Time. Fortunately, the operation is quite simple, and can be done simply by downloading a file from the Microsoft site.