Social networks have changed the way we live and communicate, they have become a useful tool to be known and stay in touch with people anywhere in the world, but they are a very used channel in the field of music, but what is the best social network for musicians?

The advantages of social networks dedicated to music is to be found in the possibility of making their music known and obtaining engagements in some festivals around the world, particularly loved by bands and independent groups, find in these social networks the possibility of show and promote their creations by attracting new fans.

Let’s find out what are the best social networks for musicians with whom they can let people know and share their music.


SoundCloud is the best music streaming website that offers a showcase to all those who love to make music, it is a service mainly used by independent artists and musicians.

Users all over the world can upload their own songs and listen to songs for free by activating the pop-up media player while you are doing more.

The site contains no advertising and is very simple to use to listen to music and find new songs; in addition to the web version Soundcloud also works via an official application for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What can you find inside SoundCloud? Lots of fresh content, no interruption during playback of songs, an effective and functional player to navigate within the tracks and you can listen to music even without creating a user account but, of course, with limitations.

The account, however, can be used by multiple devices and you can upload audio files and podcasts in a few minutes.


Bandcamp is an online service that allows you to upload, listen and buy music, the prerogative of this site is to sell music through a fairly clear mechanism.

The user discovers a new artist or album that he likes and decides to purchase the files made available by the artist himself, who can choose the different types of file format, but also establish the price for the album or for a single track.

This elasticity is very popular both for those who sell and those who buy, to benefit from Bandcamp are mainly emerging artists who take advantage of the visibility of the platform positioned very well on search engines, increasing the possibilities to be known.

Very interesting the ability to view the statistics to understand the behavior of users and what are the content they prefer; there is also a Pro version with additional features and useful services. is a well-known music streaming service that is taking more and more share, it can be called one of the best social networks for musicians thanks to its many features.

What does this platform offer? You can upload 1,000 MB of music for free per week, registration can also be done through one of the social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The detailed real-time statistics of streaming, downloads and podcasts are shown, you can insert covers, take care of the backgrounds and presentations of images for the tracks and the profile.

Support is provided to the following file formats: MP3, WAV, AIF, M4A, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA and you can choose the playback quality between 96, 128, 192, 256, 320 kbit.

In addition, a music playback player with a soft or digitized waveform style is made available; artists and users can take advantage of every feature offered by the site to make known and listen to music.


Mixcloud is a streaming and music promotion platform focused mainly on the publication of DJ mix, inside it is possible to find thousands of tracks, but beyond that, it is also used for podcasts and radio broadcasts.

Radio broadcasts can also happen without the reproduction of musical pieces, it is a particularly famous and internationally famous service, to the point that famous people like Barak Obama have used it.

The Basic account is free and offers the possibility to access the entire database and unlimited uploads for producers, but we must take into account the advertisements, which disappear if you switch to a Premium account.

Music producers can get the Pro account to get more potential with additional statistics and features without limits; being a pure streaming platform, it is not possible to download.


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