Create different sidebar for each page: Best Plugin

All, or almost, the websites that we see around are organized with a larger central part where the text of the page or article is inserted with all the contents edited, and also a side bar, basically on the right, which is called Sidebar.

In the Sidebar we find useful information such as latest articles, latest comments, sponsors and much more. Going to customize every single page and article with a sidebar we can insert ad hoc advertising spaces, images, forms and much more so as to adapt the contents of our site according to the categories of assignment.

We have therefore selected the best WordPress plugins, the best CMS available, which allow you to customize the Sidebar even for each page, leaving the author complete autonomy to create one for every need.

If WordPress does not help us with this problem, there are several plugins that can do for us. Here they are.

WordPress plugin to create custom Sidebar on WordPress

Custom Sidebars (Download)

It is undoubtedly the most popular, by clicking on the Sidebar item in the settings we will have access to the console to create our sidebar. In the Sidebar Location section, it is possible to indicate on which pages the sidebar should be activated, choosing between the category, type of post, archive and much more. Very customizable, versatile and easy to use and in addition to the free version there is a Pro version that allows you to view different sidebar for each user with different roles and the ability to clone the sidebar.

Content Aware Sidebars (Download)

Content Aware Sidebars is perhaps the most customizable. From a convenient graphical interface, we can create our Sidebar and mark which pages should be inserted, all in a few clicks even if it is perhaps less intuitive than the competitors but with truly exceptional effects.

Simple Page Sidebars (Download)

Simple Page Sidebars is very popular with users and allows you to easily create custom Sidebar. Many options to customize the sidebar with many customizations and features to create the perfect Sidebar.

Stag Custom Sidebars (Download)

Like the others but still very new. It has awesome features, including a very nice customizable widget areas via shortcodes. Configurable in a few clicks and many types of customization through a simple drag.


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