Discover the best extension to block popups and windows advertising on Google Chrome. Activate the popup blocker on Chrome with Poper Blocker

Chrome popup blocker extension: here is the best one

Needless to deny it: the popups that open while surfing the internet are very, very annoying.

Have you ever tried to open a movie and tv series website in streaming? Have you seen how many popups open every time you try to open the video? They open so many automatically that at some point you lose the bill!

I usually use sites like Piratestreaming, Eurostreaming but every time I try to watch any movie, I get 200 windows advertising pop-ups full of malware, fake virus warnings and sometimes even images a little hot.

So, before you can watch streaming video, I have to close them all individually. It will have happened to you, right?

And the incredible thing is that often, while I try to close all those popup windows and advertising that have opened, I happen to also close the window or the card where there was the video that I wanted to watch streaming. What balls!

The problem of popup windows that open while surfing the Internet, however, is not only about the streaming sites, but many other portals that I personally visit every day. There are also some interesting sites, but they really make TOO pop-up windows that make browsing impossible.

And now I’ve got to the point where I can not really put up with all these popups anymore.

Chrome popup blocker does not work: here is the best alternative

So, since I use the Chrome internet browser to surf the web and the popup blocker integrated in the browser of Google sucks, I tried an extension that allows me to automatically block popups and windows advertising.

After trying 2 or 3, I finally found the perfect one for my needs.

So I present the best Chrome extension to block popups and advertising windows that open automatically. Thanks to this small extension you can say goodbye forever to all those windows that open up, down left and right when you surf on certain websites.

Chrome popup blocker extension: the best to download for free

The extension is called Poper Blocker and I assure you that, after having tried it, you will love it!

First of all you have to download it for FREE from the Chrome Web Store. Click HERE to install it.

Once installed, its icon will automatically appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome address bar, where there are all other extensions (if you have more).

poper blocker

Block Chrome popup opening

At this point you do not have to do anything else. The extension will work in a totally automatic and intelligent way.

Start browsing all your favorite websites and as if by magic the popups and the advertising windows that opened up in a very annoying way have now all disappeared!

Easy, no?

Delete Chrome popup blocker

Ah, the default extension blocks all popups on any site and works very well, but if you happen to block something important, you can always add a specific site to the whitelist so that its popups are shown.

Every time a site tries to open popup advertising, in fact, the extension warns you: it will be up to you to choose whether to allow you to open them or to block them automatically.

Obviously, this way you can block the opening of popup on Windows and Mac: being an extension of Chrome, it works on any operating system, as long as you use this internet browser to browse the web.


As I said, I love this extension to block pop-up windows on Chrome. It’s very light, it does everything by itself, completely free and finally, it allows me to surf the internet without all those annoying advertising windows. 

It’s the best way to block popup ads forever. 

Now I can enjoy all the streaming sites (but not only) without ads, banners, popups and other crap.

In combination with this extension, however, I strongly recommend you to install this too:

This is the best extension, constantly updated, to bypass and automatically jump all links It is really indispensable!

For doubts or questions are available to you. See you next time. 


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