How many times have you had to choose a hosting for your website or WordPress blog, and not know which one is right for you?

We had the opportunity to test Bluehost, a service that resides in the US, and we put it under stress for good. Here is our proof that has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of this web hosting provider!

Bluehost Shared Hosting

We focus our attention on shared hosting packages, those most chosen by users, the products offered are three:

  • Starter from $3.95 per month, including domain name and the ability to host one domain, 100 mb of web space and the ability to create up to 25 subdomains. For those who are beginners and want to start publishing their blog or a company website this is the right offer.
  • Plus: at a cost of $5.95 a month, always with a domain name included but with the ability to host unlimited domains, suitable for those already planning to expand their presence or for web professionals, the space is unlimited as unlimited are the e-mail accounts.
  • Business Pro: the top package of BlueHost is the Business Pro at a price of $5.95 per month(offer price) you can get unlimited web space, subdomains, email accounts and unlimited email storage space.
    These are the costs and features at the time we write this article.


Against the attacks on the security of the BlueHost site offers the cost of about $24 per year, SiteLock, the ideal solution to find and delete malware, perform a daily scan via Http, performs the caching of static content, compresses and optimizes images, this in its basic version.

In the Premium versions, which cost a little more, the protection features are high, it provides daily scans via FTP, are scanned up to 500 pages per day and many other features that can be viewed directly on the BlueHost website.


Another service offered by BlueHost is Domain Privacy. This service gives you the possibility to hide the domain data from the Whois service, ie the free online service that allows everyone to see who is in charge of a domain. A great way to prevent identity theft, spam and phishing attacks.

Bluehost: compatible hosting with WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), is in practice a system that allows you to create a blog or website in a simple way through an easy and intuitive administration panel, user friedly as you use to say, even those who are beginners or does not know anything about HTML, it can be able to generate and manage even complex and dynamic web pages.

BlueHost is among the best hosting for WordPress, recommended by the same

If you are starting a new project or if you intend to move an existing WordPress site Bluehost is the ideal hosting.

Installation is extremely easy, from the control panel with just one click (cPanel).

Based on the revolutionary VPS technology (Virtual Private Servers) Bluehost has designed a unique architecture to make WordPress safe, easy to use and extremely fast.

The loading speed of a site is important, not only because at least a quarter of the visitors leave the navigation if the pages do not load in a matter of seconds, but also because of the importance it has in SEO and for a good positioning on Google. A fast loading speed is essential for the success of a blog or a company website.

Bluehost: an effective partner for an eCommerce

If you intend to open an online store using Magento – remember that Magento is one of the most used open source software for e-commerce; from the control panel with a single click you can install Magento in a very simple way.

The servers are optimized to get the best performance, the support team is particularly fast, available 24 hours a day, can be contacted by phone, or with tickets directly from the cPanel.

But even if you choose Prestashop or Woocommerce to manage your online store with WordPress you can do it just as easily from the cPanel.

1. Register the domain in Bluehost

The first thing we did to start testing this hosting service, was to proceed with the buy + hosting domain. The speed with which everything went loaded on the server is truly shocking. Immediately after the payment of the same, we had already available domain, space on the server and domain present on Whois in well that is not said.

2. Upload and download in Bluehost

Usually when you buy a hosting, the first thing you look at is the speed we reach in uploading and downloading.

We have obviously carried out several tests. The peculiarity that characterizes the American sites and of which some people complain (without reason) is the fact that, the server farm resides in the US, the nodes from which the request passes are someone more than an Indian provider. But we are talking about very short response times, which we do not even perceive with our current ADSL lines. In addition, the sites hosted on the same server are 70% lower than an Indian hosting, which makes us gain a lot in speed and the chances of a down-time are very reduced (BlueHost guarantees 99.9% uptime as a Hostgator with unlimited hosting plans).

But let’s talk about facts. When uploading via FTP, the server has held up well at 1.5MB per second, while in the download we have reached 7MB per second (via fiber), absolutely a respectable result. Upload of a file of 500MB in just 4 minutes (maybe even less) is priceless.

3. Customization cPanel Bluehost

With a highly organized cPanel at our disposal and the ability to register countless subdomains for free, BlueHost is certainly one of the best to keep costs down. From cPanel we can create new e-mail boxes, dedicate all the space we want to each individual box, create infinite users for MySql databases, and unlimited space for the latter. If you want to put your hands on any, no service is customizable like BlueHost. 10+ in this respect.

4. Bluehost technical assistance

Let’s face it, even if we always hope that we do not need it, no one has ever been able to do without assistance for a hosting. The unexpected problem sooner or later always happens, and in that case (especially if there are thousands of visitors behind our site), it would be good to solve it as soon as possible and without too many frills. We have also found here one of the best support services on the market, there is little to say: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even with Live Chat online, directly on the site. They answer us immediately and cordially.

Final conclusions

We have reached the final conclusions. The services offered by BlueHost are reliable and able to satisfy any need. We have only talked about Shared Hosting because they are the most requested services, but BlueHost offers dedicated Hosting packages, for the most demanding users, starting from $75 a month, or Hosting VPS starting from $15 a month.

BlueHost certainly deserves a special eye. If you are about to buy a domain and a hosting, carefully evaluate the choices offered by BlueHost, you will not be disappointed: we are sure! At the same cost, having your own server in the USA brings multiple benefits, especially with regard to the quality/price ratio and the services included in it.

BlueHost also allows the transfer of existing domains, so if you are dissatisfied with your provider or want to save money by still having all the advantages of a high-level professional service, you can transfer your site to your web farm in just a few simple steps.


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