The system to change locations on iTunes will give you the opportunity to make purchases even for regions of the world different from your country. In particular, in fact, there are programs that are not available for our country, and which may be of interest.

Here is the procedure to follow in these cases to be able to change the location on iTunes.

Change locations on iTunes, how to do it

First of all, it is necessary to remember that those who take care of changing locations on iTunes should do so when they move elsewhere. In fact, this type of change is quite radical and can even affect your subscriptions to subscriptions like those of Apple Music.

So, think carefully before putting this procedure into practice.

Now let’s see how to do:

  • Open the Settings from your Home screen;
  • Click on the iTunes & App Store;
  • Click on Apple ID;
  • Please log in by entering your details;
  • Click on Country/Region
  • At this point, click on Change State or Region;
  • Choose what might be of interest to you;
  • Click on Next;
  • Accept the following terms and conditions;
  • Enter your payment details;
  • Also enter billing information;
  • Click on Next;

Thanks to this procedure you will already be able to change locations on iTunes and you will be able to start using the program according to the indications of the new region or of the new country chosen.

How to change locations on iTunes and change your choice frequently

However, it may be thought that, rather than switching locations on iTunes, users are interested in frequently changing their choice in order to buy programs and applications .

Here, then, how to do:

  • Open the App Store;
  • Click on Apple ID;
  • Click on Exit;
  • Now you can change your Region by opening the Settings again;
  • Click on General;
  • Click on Language and Region;
  • Click on Region;
  • Choose the new region you want to set up

Now you will have to create a new account for the new store you want to access. Here is an example with the Hulu app:

  • Go to Hulu in the App Store;
  • Click on Change Store;
  • Click on Hulu again;
  • Click on Get
  • Click on Install;
  • Click on Create new Apple ID;
  • Select, for example, United States;
  • Enter all the requested information;
  • Click on None in the directions for the invoice;
  • Open the email to verify your email address for the new account;


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