The latest Microsoft operating system, we are talking about Windows 8/8.1, shows a renewed graphics than its predecessors. A style initially called Metro Design and later renamed (for legal reasons) Modern UI, much more thought for those who use a touch screen for users of a desktop computer.

The pros and cons of this graphic choice have been expressed many times and in a thousand different ways, if there is however a disadvantage that the historical user of Windows can not fail to recognize to Windows 8 is the confusion in the menus and the changes too much clear with respect to the past of the paths of the main functions. So if you are desperate for a way to change your username in Windows 8  and want a step by step guide to illustrate the steps you need to follow, you are in the right place.

First, log in to the Windows account whose name you want to change. Once this is done from the charm bar go to Search, or by calling the same bar by scrolling with the mouse on the right edge of the screen, or with the combination of Windows + C keys. From Search, type Control Panel and enter the system settings. Set the display for Large Icons, to better find the various menus and go to  User Accounts.

Select the name of the User account you are interested in, whether it is the one you are using or another time you are a user with administrative privileges, and from the new screen choose modify the account username, do it and confirm, done this you will return to the previous menu and you can proceed with the changes related to the profile picture or password of the account, or simply close the window. So you have changed the username of an account on Windows 8, and you will notice the change from the next log on screen.


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