If you’re wondering how to change WhatsApp number, I could help you. After making the request to change the phone number, you may have managed to replace the old one on the SIM card, but not on WhatsApp or other applications that use your number to chat. So, you did well to ask yourself how to change WhatsApp number, as this process is not automatic once you have made the change. Fortunately, it is very easy to make the change, both on iOS and on Android. In this guide, you can understand how it’s done.

How to change WhatsApp number on Android

Using an Android smartphone, it is very easy to change WhatsApp number. The first thing you need to do is to back up your conversations. The operation does not eliminate anything, but it is always good to do it before proceeding. For more details, you can read the guide to backing up WhatsApp on Google Drive.

When you are sure you have the new active phone number, you can change it. To do this, you must open WhatsApp, follow the path Menu > setting > Accountand tap the Change number button. The first screen you will see, will be informative. You will be told that changing the number will transfer all the infogroups and settings of your account. Individual contacts and chats are also included.

Once you have read the warning and performed the required operations, you can press Next. You will then see a screen where you will enter the old number and the new number, including the international prefix, ie +91 (for India). After entering the numbers and checking that they are correct, you must tap Done. By doing this, you will receive the verification code via SMS and, automatically, the application system will memorize it. Finally, as confirmation, you will receive a notification that reads ” Your phone number has been successfully changed from +91 <old number> to +91 <new number>“. This means that you have successfully completed the transfer of the number to your account.

How to change WhatsApp number on iPhone

While using an iOS device, you can change WhatsApp number in the same way. Again, I suggest you make a WhatsApp backup with iPhone before proceeding. However, please note that this operation does not delete any data.

Once the preliminary operations have been completed, you must insert the nano SIM into your iPhone. If this is a new device, you must perform the procedure with the old smartphone. However, after doing so, you will need to verify that the new number is working. To check, you can tell your friend to send you a text message or call.

At this point, you can make the change. You must open WhatsApp, access the route Setting > Accountand tap Change number. You will see the same warnings that appear on Android. They inform you about the transfer of infosettings and groups related to your account. Individual contacts and conversations are also included. After reading the information, you can press Next to continue.

On the next screen, you need to enter the old number and the new number in the respective fields, including the country code, then +91 if you are in India. Once you have done this and verified the entry, you can press End to start the transfer process. An SMS will be sent with the verification code and the system will memorize it automatically. You, you just have to wait. Once it is finished, another screen will appear, confirming the successful migration.

After explaining how to change WhatsApp number, I remind you that both on iOS and on Android, the operation cannot be canceled. Therefore, check number you entered before proceeding.


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