One of the ways to make your mobile device faster is to clean up your iPhone and iPad.

The cache, now, is no longer just the internet browsing as it once was, but also refers to the applications that you have downloaded, and whose data could clog the memory of your phone or tablet.

For this reason we invite you to continue reading this guide, to get to understand how to clean cache on iPhone and iPad effectively and make your device much faster.

How to clean cache on iPhone and iPad: start from Safari

The first operation you will have to do to clean cache on iPhone and iPad will be the one connected to Internet browsing.

So, here we show you the procedure for Safari, but you can apply it to your favorite browser anyway:

  • Start opening your Settings and move down to the fifth group of options (the one that sees the presence, at the top, of the Account and Password tab);
  • Click on Safari at the bottom of this group of options;
  • Move down and click on Clear website data and history;
  • Click again on Delete history and data;

In this way you will have already started to clean cache on iPhone and iPad starting from the history of your surfing on the internet.

How to clean cache on iPhone and iPad: the app

We’ve already indicated that apps are responsible for the accumulation of data on your phone.

For this reason, you will have to clean up caches on the iPhone and iPad also in relation to them, following the steps described here:

  • Enter the Settings tab, then in General and then go to Free Space;
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see the different apps in your possession, organized on the basis of the memory that they occupy;
  • Select an app that takes up a lot of memory;
  • See all the features of the app, such as the part dedicated to data and documents;

In the event that the card referred to data and documents exceeds 500 MB you will have to delete the app and reinstall it to delete the excess data;


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