Guide to cleaning the computer from dust, when to do it and how to do it to free the fans from dirt

How to clean your pc from dust

When summer comes, the computers heat up a lot and the fans run wild trying to cool the processors and the power supply.

A desktop computer, after some time, tends to get dirty because of the dust that inevitably penetrates inside the case from the air slots of the fans.

In addition, the electrical components inside a PC create electrostatic charges that attract the dust and tiny dust particles stick to the circuits and metal structures. The consequence of a computer full of dust is the intrusion of air openings that, if they are suffocated, prevent adequate cooling of the fans and cause the computer to shut down automatically.
When a PC turns itself off, very often it does not depend on Windows errors but on sensors that detect temperature too high and, to prevent it from founding any component, they turn it off. In this article we talk about the computer cleaning from inside in the true sense of the word.

The dust that clogs the inside of the computer and causes malfunctions and heating should therefore be cleaned from time to time to allow free air space.

To know if your PC is dirty, just look at the back side, where there are all the sockets and check how much dust is accumulated where the fan blows.

Opening the computer case, then unscrewing the veal, you might notice, if the pc is not new and if you never cleaned it, that the fan near the sink is full of dust and dirt.
The heatsink is under each fan and is the electronic component that serves to disperse heat.
If there is too much dust, it can not dissipate heat and the fan runs unnecessarily.
Also you will notice a lot of dust where the threads are tangled together that has no side effects but it is ugly to see.

To avoid too much dust accumulating, theoretically, you should keep the computer in a raised position, not on the ground.
In theory, Keep your computer away from dust sources as carpet so keep those at height from your carpet.
A wooden surface is the worst place to keep the computer because the dust on the wood does not attack and it all ends up inside the case.
However, it is useless to look for ways to keep the PC clean, simply clean it every 6 months or a year.

To clean inside the computer it is necessary that the PC is switched off (never take anything for granted) and disconnected from the electrical outlet.
After placing it on a table, open the case and observe the dusty spots.
If you see any dust then blow it with the mouth.
Although this is the most common method, for me it’s not good: in the meantime you have to cover your eyes and then because the dust, blowing it, gets lost but stays there.
This also applies to the compressed air can or the compressor that is a more powerful blow and that is generally used to clean the keyboard (if you see dust on the floor you use the vacuum cleaner or the compressor?).

The best thing is to use a vacuum cleaner, which sucks the dirt and eliminates it from the area without the possibility of it coming back.
Where possible it is even better to manually clean the dusty parts using a common clean brush with natural bristles (no cotton buds)
When using a vacuum cleaner inside a PC you must be careful to use the minimum power and do not put the vacuum cleaner too much close to wires and circuits.
It would be ideal to use a spout to suck in the most hidden spots like the inside of the fan.
Lock the fan using a pen to prevent it from spinning due to the vacuum cleaner.

Personally I do not recommend going to clean the most delicate components of the computer such as circuit boards and the motherboard because, in addition to being fragile, there will hardly be any significant dirt from those parts.
I also believe that it is not necessary to unplug the processor to clean underneath, as I have seen in other expert guides.
Also not advised to be too fussy and cleansers of the cleaning, the important thing is that the dust is not too accumulated then, if there was dirt here and there, you can clean it if attainable but never risk breaking something.

Cleaning the computer inside is one of the most important maintenance operations that helps to prolong its duration in time and keep it operating at maximum speed, consuming less electricity (because the temperatures are lowered and the fans run less).
A signal from a dirty PC can be an abnormal increase in the temperature of the components, a loud and continuous noise of the fan or the sudden and repeated switching off.

In another article we have talked about the best programs to control temperature and heat in the PC.


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