Google records everything that we search and do on the Internet in our personal and private account. However, there is no invasion of privacy as Google also take care of its safety.

Every person can decide whether or not to keep this history and delete it whenever he or she wants. The important thing to note is that the Google history is activated only when you are connected to the Google account. Google account is the same for Gmail, Android, Youtube and many other services.

If you use the Chrome browser on your computer, Android and iPhone smartphones not only the searches are recorded in history but also all the websites visited by you in these devices.

The saving of any activity on the internet made by Chrome, PC or Android on Google can really be convenient to find old sites that you do not remember anymore.

Considering that everything is synchronized among all the devices used, it becomes convenient to continue a search made by the smartphone from PC or vice versa.

To view, manage and delete this Google history or to disable it there is a dedicated web page at

It is always necessary to set the account password to access it. The Web & App Activity page includes not only searches done but also sites visited with Chrome on every device that uses the same account, even those opened on Android smartphones and tablets. There are the search statistics and the sites most visited by you.

At the top right there are three buttons, one to search the history, one to see the sites and searches done on a specific past day and finally the options button with three dots.

Pressing on the three dots you can do several things, including download the entire history as a file to save on your computer and then settings. In these settings, you can deactivate your personal search history or keep it active.

To delete the Google history just press the three dots from the main page. From there you can click on the Delete options. You can delete the searches made today, made yesterday or, by clicking on Advanced, the searches made in the last four weeks or all of them.

You can also delete items from the Google history directly from the list by selecting them one by one or by pressing the square next to the word. If you use the calendar button you can select a specific day and then delete the history of that day completely.

The same operations to delete searches or deactivate search tracking are also available on Android smartphones and tablets (and also on iPhone and iPad) in Google app.

To do this open the Google application, press the three lines at the top left to go to the settings. Tap on Account and Privacy and then open Google Task Commands to decide whether to enable or disable the collection and storage of usage data for the various Google apps, including Youtube and Google Maps.

Regardless of your Google Account even if you have disabled history from the settings seen above, Google Chrome retains the history data of visited sites by you like any browser keeping them in your computer or mobile phone memory.

To clear the history of sites visited with Chrome in both PC and Android press the options button on the top right. From here you can check it and delete it if you want.

Without deleting it all, you can select one or more sites individually by touching the X beside. On PC by selecting them and then pressing on Remove selected.


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