How many times have you ever received a text document, open it on your computer or smartphone and find a completely wrong format? And what would you say if sending a Word file to a colleague or friend, would this change it without your knowledge? To definitively solve this problem you have to read this guide in which I explain how to convert a Word file to PDF with Mac without paid programs and especially in a few moments.

PDF is undoubtedly the most widespread format in the world for the distribution of text documents, in fact, PDFs do not allow any modification, they are small in size, they maintain excellent quality and in print they do not present any problems missing layouts and fonts.

Let’s see how to proceed with this operation using the ‘latest version of OS X.

Doc conversion to PDF: how to convert a file with the Mac?

If you do not know how to convert a Word file to PDF with mac the solution is really very simple: first make sure you have installed OS X Preview, then open the .doc file with this program. If you have OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Word installed on your Mac, the file will be automatically opened with one of these software, so to make sure you use Preview: right click on the Word file, select Open with and then Preview.

With this program you can turn a doc file into PDF with the Mac in a few seconds using the Print function: then from the toolbar at the top click on File and then Print or use the keyboard shortcut CMD + P to show the window with all settings to proceed with printing the document.

At this point you do not really need to print the file on paper but press on the PDF drop down menu that appears at the bottom left and choose Save as PDF. Then write the file name up, choose the destination folder and at the bottom you can optionally fill in the required fields with the title, name of the author and other useful details: at the end press Save to convert a Word file to PDF.

It is also possible to convert several files at the same time or to collect images in a single PDF simply by opening the first file with Preview as described above and then dragging the other files into the left sidebar of the program where you can sort the pages before continuing with the conversion .

Convert from Word to PDF with OpenOffice

If the file must be modified with some additions or it is a document that is constantly updated but must be sent in PDF, then you have to download OpenOffice for Mac available for free on the official site, proceed with the installation and then open the file with this program.

Proceed with the appropriate modifications of the Word file and at the end click on the PDF icon available at the top: write the file name, choose a destination and confirm by clicking on Save. In this way you also know how to turn a doc file into PDF with Mac using OpenOffice if you had to make changes to the text.

If you do not want to install any program on your computer, you can also opt for other solutions available exclusively online and absolutely free: an example is the ZamZar tool that allows you to upload one or more doc files and convert them to PDF in no time while the other service free is with a functioning mechanism very similar to the previous one.

In any case, I suggest you convert doc to PDF on Mac using Preview or OpenOffice: it is the safest and fastest way to succeed in the operation.

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