Does the Mac no longer copy paste into the clipboard? Copy Paste of Mac does not work and seems to be totally blocked? You are not the only one to have encountered this problem and fortunately, it is a harmless bug that we can solve in a few moments, simply by following the steps that I suggest in this guide: enjoy your reading!

macOS and OS X include hundreds of functions and in every update are introduced many improvements and features that make the Mac operating system safer, performing and functional for the needs of users. But this does not mean that problems are not lacking, in fact, it often happens that some users create reports in the community or send me e-mail asking for solutions to the most disparate problems that occur during the normal use of the Mac.

This is just one of many: Paste Copy does not work on the Mac and even if you do the usual procedure to copy text or other contents to the clipboard of the operating system, the Mac makes no copy and therefore does not paste the selected content.

Copy Paste Does Not Work on Mac: what to do?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, fortunately there is a solution for this problem and I’ll explain quickly some preliminary operations you can perform before going with the real solutions to the “more aggressive” problem, which could be many even superfluous cases.

First of all, if the Copy Paste in Mac does not work only in some applications, I suggest you save the document you are working on and close and reopen the program; sometimes, some problems of compiling the software can cause these problems or conflicts with other programs.

A valid alternative, if the problem is generalized in any area of the operating system is to try to do copy paste directly from the top toolbar, choosing Edit> Copy and then Edit> Paste if you’re used to doing the operation with keyboard shortcuts using CMD + C and CMD + V and you were trying this way.

Copy Paste stuck on the Mac: the solution

Apparently, these two that I report below, seem to be the final solutions when Copy-Paste does not work on Mac and the problem seems to be related exclusively to a bug in the operating system macOS or OS X, depending on the version you have installed in Mac, and not the installed programs. In this regard, carefully follow the steps proposed below and after each solution restart the Mac directly from the Apple menu that appears at the top left () and clicking Restart.

To proceed with the resolution of this bug, open Activity tracking by searching for it with Spotlight or from Applications> Utilities; once the application is open, click on the search field at the top right and type pboard. In a few moments, Activity Monitor will list only the process that interests us, then select it by clicking on it with the mouse pointer and then touch the button with the octagonal symbol with the X that is shown in the upper left to be able to finish the process.

When requested, complete the closing by clicking on Forced Exit.

A second procedure that you can follow is faster and you just need to launch commands, then open the Terminal application and type:

killall pboard

press Enter to confirm the command, then launch the command

killall Finder

press Enter and then restart your Mac as I have already suggested.

If all went well, following one of the two procedures above, you were able to restart the pboard daemon which takes care of keeping in the clipboard of the Mac what we paste and then you will have solved the problem of the copy paste of the Mac that did not work and was blocked.

You just have to share this guide with all your friends who own a Mac or save the article in your favorites so you can read it if you need it again. If you still have problem then feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


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