Apart from documents, web pages, file and program names and directory addresses, Windows can not copy text from dialogs, software, error messages and other similar content.

In some circumstances this can be a big limitation and a waste of time. For example when you are trying to come to the head of a computer problem that returns an error message and that you are forced to rewrite manually on the blog or computer support forum to which you are referring as it is impossible to copy it as you do it normally with the other contents, except for the rare cases in which the text can be highlighted with the mouse and copied with the combination of the two Ctrl + C keys; but otherwise nothing remains but to rewrite it manually.

In these situations, the useful application is Textify that we will now go to see more in detail.

With Textify it is in fact possible to make any textual content copyable even if it is displayed in a window, notification or other element from which it is normally not possible to copy it.

Easy to use, once started (it does not require installation as it is a portable software), it will present itself with this small graphical interface (below in the figure):

textify 1

In which it is possible to set the combination of the keys of the keyboard and of the mouse to be pressed to enable copying of the text; by default the combination of the Shift key + middle mouse button is set but if necessary you can choose to combine the Ctrl and/or Alt and/or Shift keys with the right, middle or left mouse button.

textify 2

Once the preferred key combination has been set, as in the example above, all that remains is to place the mouse cursor on the text you want to copy and then press the key combination to make it copyable.

As you will be able to verify, immediately after the text in question will now be highlighted with the mouse and ready to copy by right clicking on the selection and then clicking the “Copy” option in the context menu, or using the classic combination of two keys Ctrl + C. Having done this, all that remains is to paste the text where it is needed with the result that precious time is saved as well as patience.

Compatible with Windows : All versions Size : 78.7 KB |Download Textify


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