Having broken links on a blog penalizes you in SEO. Here’s how to correct them in a few clicks

If you manage a site you must know that having broken links that do not refer to any existing page is very penalizing for SEO and so you must absolutely repair them for not being badly classified by Google.

In fact, if your link on an internal page of your website refers to a site no longer exists or the link is poorly written, the page will not open and this does not appeal to Google.

How to check if Google “sees” broken links on my site

To see if Google has seen any broken links on our WordPress site it’s really easy because you have to look for the CRAWL ERRORS entry in the GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS page where all the errors detected on your site that you find will be shown in Google Search Console precisely marked as CRAWL errors.

Broken links: Here is the solution for WordPress

On WordPress there is a fantastic plugin that allows you to check broken links in a few clicks. It’s called Broken Link Checker and allows you to scan your website made with WordPress and look for broken links that do not refer to any page.

Once installed the plugin, go to Tools and then to Broken Link and you will find different entries such as Edit URL of the site and go to correct it with the correct one if it is wrong, disconnect it from the linked word by removing the wrong link so as not to make the wrong link clickable and then finally the item Click on NON-ROUND if the link is correct and that’s okay.

Take a good cleaning of broken links and surely SEO will benefit from it.

Download Broken Link Checker


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