Making some applications more functional can be really useful, as happens in all cases where you can customize calendar on iPhone.

Customizations can cover different aspects of the Calendar app, and here we will see different.

How to set up calendar accounts

When you use apps like iCloud, Gmail and Outlook it will also be possible to synchronize their contents and features with respect to the Calendar app.

How to set up all these accounts in a coordinated way:

  • Open the settings of your phone;
  • Click on Account and Password;
  • Click on Add Account;
  • Select your referral service (such as Google, iCloud and so on);
  • Log in to your account;
  • Move the Calendar switch to the active so you can synchronize the accounts;

How to customize calendar on iPhone by changing the time zone

You might be able to move from one country to another and notice how the Calendar app automatically changes the times of your appointments to suit the new area.

However, you can avoid this automatic transmission by following the instructions given here:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on Change of time zone;
  • Put the relevant switch in the active position;
  • Click on Time zone;
  • Look for the area to which you want to adapt your time zone;
  • Click on the reference city to apply the new time zone;

How to customize calendar on iPhone by selecting another iphone calendar layout

Among the settings with which to customize the calendar on the iPhone there is also that thanks to which you can choose another type of calendar, such as the Chinese, Hebrew and so on.

To apply these changes you will need:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Click on Calendar;
  • Click on Alternative Calendars;
  • Choose your own reference calendar;

How to customize calendar on iPhone by turning notifications on and off

In the features of the Calendar app is also present that thanks to which you will be able to know the answers of the guests to your events, whether they want to participate, and in case they have declined your invitation.

You can decide to disable these types of notifications by following the instructions below:

  • Open the settings of your phone;
  • Click on Calendar;
  • Move to the “Off” position the button referring to the answers of who declined your invitation;

How to manage calendar synchronization

To limit the use of networks, especially data, it would be better to limit the synchronization of the calendar to once a month. However, in some cases it may become necessary to check some events and manage synchronization manually.

To do this you will need:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Click on Calendar;
  • Click on Sync;
  • Click on the time window you want to synchronize;


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