iCloud is the system used by users with iOS devices to store photos, videos, music, data applications and much more, however, you might also want to delete an app from iCloud on iPhone, how to do in this case?

Let’s put the case that we have an application that we no longer use and that we want to permanently delete from our iPhone, or, we do not want to track the purchase history of applications, what we can do is rely on two methods that allow you to delete an app from iCloud on iPhone, an operation not normally allowed by Apple.

Let’s say that this method does not delete apps from iCloud but hides them from the store purchase history.

Procedure to delete an app from iCloud

We take our iPhone or iOS device and go to the App Store> Updates> Purchases> we will see a list of all the apps purchased.

From the PC or Mac launch iTunes and enter its shop, then click on the link “Buy”, at this point will appear the history of all purchases made.

Click on Applications where we will find the precise list of applications purchased, we pass the mouse cursor on the app we want to hide, an “X” will appear, click on the symbol and the app will be hidden.

Thanks to this procedure, updating the list of applications, you will notice that they will miss those that you have decided not to show.

We open our iOS device and go to the App Store> Updates> Purchases and the application we have decided to exclude will no longer be present.

How to delete an app from iCloud on iPhone permanently

If the above procedure is not enough and you want to remove applications from iCloud backup the advice is to use a dedicated software called iPhone Data Cleaner, which allows you to delete data and clean up the iPhone before selling it or send it to service.

The program allows you to perform a cleaning of data and their deletion on multiple levels all following simple steps.

Connect the iPhone to the PC with a USB cable, make sure you have installed the program on the PC and then launch the link.

After a few seconds the iPhone will be recognized by the software, we must choose the “Delete deleted files” mode and select the apps we want to delete.

We also choose the level of cancellation between low, medium and high, based on our needs, remembering that the “low” level is the fastest but the least secure.

After setting everything we click on “Cancel Now” and wait for iPhone Data Cleaner to do its duty and delete the app on iCloud, during the process it is important to never disconnect the device.

Thanks to the use of this software you can avoid long and annoying passages, it takes very little to delete the app from iCloud on iPhone, moreover, the manual method that we described initially only manages to hide the applications from the list without offering a permanent solution to the problem and without, therefore, save space on the device in case there are duplicate or too heavy apps that have remained unused.


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