It could happen that you want to delete WhatsApp accounts on iPhone so you can not be contacted by anyone who wants to write to you.

In fact, even if you uninstall the application, your contact would remain present and could be restored by downloading the app again.

For this, it may be interesting to go directly to the final elimination of the account. This procedure, in fact, is irreversible and can not be canceled in any case, even if you have followed the steps described here by mistake.

For this reason, you will always have to think about it before moving on to delete WhatsApp accounts on iPhone.

Let’s see how to do it step by step.

How to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone

To start deleting WhatsApp accounts on iPhone you will have to open your application in the device in which you have configured it.

Later you will have to:

  • Enter the application settings
  • Click on Account;
  • Click on Delete account;
  • At this point you must enter your telephone number, which must be complete with the international code;
  • After entering the mobile number you will have to click on Delete Account again;

This way you will have been able to delete WhatsApp accounts on iPhone permanently.

What does it mean to delete WhatsApp accounts on iPhone

Performing operations to delete WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone determines some consequences that are not reversible.

First of all, your contact will no longer appear on your friends’ lists and your profile photo will also be deleted.

You will also be deleted from all the WhatsApp groups you have joined.

In the same way, the deletion of the history of your WhatsApp messages will occur, in addition to what could be the backup of WhatsApp that you had made using iCloud.

You will be able to recreate an account in the future, but will be deprived of all the information you previously entered.

Obviously, only you can delete WhatsApp accounts on iPhone and you can not request assistance to do so.


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