If you receive a contract or an agreement by e-mail on your iPhone or iPad that you need to send back urgently signed and you are away from home, how do you think to solve the problem? This is one of the cases in which you can be panic, especially if it is something very urgent. Now the solution is at hand, in the sense that you can sign documents on iPhone and return directly from the Mail for iOS.

The digital signature feature provided in the Mail app allows you to quickly sign a document attached to an email and send it again through it without ever having to leave the email application. The whole process of signing and sending is very fast and easy thanks to the Markup function.

To get this feature, at least the version of iOS 9 is required, which means you will need to have this version of iOS 9 or later installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The rest is easy and is automatically managed by the Mail e-mail client. So, if you want to try it right away, just send an e-mail with a PDF file or an image document attached and try the Markup function that works with almost all e-mail attachments. This is compatible not only with the attachments you receive, but also with the attachments you wish to send. Continue reading to see how to use this interesting feature.

How to sign documents on iPhone in Mail

Assuming you have a document to sign attached to an e-mail that you received on your iOS device, here’s what you need to do to sign documents on iPhone digitally and send them quickly to the recipient:

  • Open the e-mail containing the attached document to be signed, click on the icon of the attached document as you usually do to preview it in the Mail application (the document can be in PDF format or in other formats).
  • After opening the document, at the bottom of the screen you have to click on the Tools icon.
  • Now you have to click on the signature icon at the bottom right.
  • This is the most interesting phase, use a finger on the touch screen to sign the document, then click on “Finish
  • Move the digital signature to the appropriate position on the document to be signed, if necessary, you can also resize the signature using the blue buttons to increase or decrease the signature.
  • Click on “Finish” when you have finished moving the signature in the location prepared for the signature, and insert the signed document in the same reply e-mail to send to the sender of the e-mail.
  • Write the reply in the e-mail and click the “Send” button to send the newly signed document to the original sender.

As you have seen it is very easy. There’s no need to print anything, you do not need to scan any documents and you do not need to use the signature feature on your Mac. The whole process can be completely managed in iOS. The document can be signed and returned in a few seconds.

This is undoubtedly useful for all iOS users, but especially for those who are around with their iPhone and frequently receive an agreement to sign and return immediately. Whether it’s a contract of employment, a form of health insurance, order billing, mortgage, deed, lease, you can quickly access from iOS and return it faster than ever.

In case you’re asking, you can also attach a signed document to a new e-mail, and not just sign a response document to an e-mail you received. This means that if you have a PDF document on the iPhone, or saved in iCloud, you can sign it and attach it to a new e-mail.

How about this feature included in iOS 9 and later, allowing you to sign documents on iPhone? Is it really useful for your needs?


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