Google Chrome is clearly one of the most used Android browsers nowadays. Recently, the web giant has introduced the possibility to the browser to project a pop-up on the screen where you are asked if you want to allow or block the sending of notifications from that specific website.

In theory, this is a very useful feature, for example, for those Facebook users who use the classic website accessible from Google Chrome instead of the official application. Now, however, almost every portal supports this function, so it is very annoying to work every time on that banner that appears below the address bar.

Google Chrome: let’s see how to eliminate that annoying warning about sending notifications

You can always block each site individually, but this does not solve the problem because the window will appear each time you visit a new address with support for notifications of Chrome.

The steps to take are few and simple. Here they are in detail:

  • Open Chrome on your Android smartphone
  • Plug the 3 dots in the upper right to access the menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Click on Site Settings under the Advanced section
  • Choose Notifications
  • Switch from “Ask to confirm before allowing sites to send notifications” to “Blocked” by acting on the switch to the right of the option

These are the few simple steps to follow to block the display of that annoying window to send notifications in Google Chrome on Android.


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