With iOS 8 the iMessage application has become the heart of the messaging of your Apple iPhone, and thanks to the free conversations via data traffic the number of notifications that you can receive often becomes exaggerated and disturbing element. In particular, the groups being particularly crowded or participatory become perennial nuisance instrument, with continuous sound alerts for new notifications or, if you set the silent and vibration, continuous and constant trills often more annoying sound the same.

To leave these groups is not always a feasible or useful solution, sometimes it is necessary to remain within a group to follow a certain conversation that could be important for the most disparate reasons. So here’s a better solution, to turn off notifications on iMessage by silencing the groups you do not want to notify.

To do this then:

  • Start iMessage and from there go into the conversation to block notifications
  • Select the Details item in the upper right-hand corner
  • Set now on Do Not Disturb

In this way you will have silenced the group and blocked the excess notifications coming from the same on the iMessage app of your iPhone. Obviously doing so will turn off only the notifications of the group, but you will continue to read the messages once the smartphone is turned on.

Remember also that this function does not block all incoming notifications (both from other groups and other applications), but only those of the groups you put on Do Not Disturb on iMessage, to silence them all and disable the notifications of other applications you will need to disable push notifications by setting Do Not Disturb and Mute from the Control Center menu that you will call up with your finger scrolling up from the bottom of the screen.


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