On every computer the program that regulates access to the network resources of the PC is active by default, it is Windows Firewall, which although it is useful to protect the system from external intrusion, in some surrounding it can create problems, so in this little guide we will see how to disable the firewall in Windows 10, 8.1

The procedure is practically the same, the GUI may vary slightly, but the procedure we are about to explain is fine for both versions of the operating system.

To disable the firewall in Windows 10 and 8.1 go to the Control Panel and look for the Firewall icon, then select the Enable/Disable Windows Firewall item and move the dot to Disable.

Windows Firewall is disabled, now you can do those operations that seemed impossible to do when it is active; to reactivate it again just repeat the procedure and select Activate or use the Use recommended settings button.

If you still have problems with Windows Firewall, you can also close the service by going to Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services.

You can choose to stop the service temporarily, or disable it when the computer is turned on the next time.

When you decide to reactivate the firewall, you must first go into the settings and reactivate the service, only then you can use the button Use recommended settings again, to protect the computer from external intrusion.

Windows Firewall is a default operating system tool to protect it from external attacks, sometimes it can create conflicts or block the execution of some programs, when it happens, simply disable them.

When trying to disable the firewall in Windows 10 and 8.1, the system warns us that it is not recommended, so we must be aware that we could expose the system to danger when we click on Disable.


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